The Impact of Smartphone Technology on the Gaming Industry

It’s not deniable that mobile phones have been on a remarkable journey until now. The small piece of technology used for making and receiving calls is now the essential solution for all, or at least most, digital needs. Almost all (not exactly!) devices and gadgets are replaced by the introduction of Smartphones.   

You’ll have the smartphone for calculator, alarm, watch, camera, music player, scanner and whatever else you call. Just installing an app will make your smartphone useful for any device or gadget.  

Maybe the most important advantages of smartphones were seen in the gaming industry. Smartphones take the gambling industry in an unimaginable way all over the world.   

The United States is no different, unfortunately – instead, it is quickly accelerating as a result of government campaigns such as the Digital United States, Make in the United States and other recent digital-centered policies. Due to the low mobile diffusion factor, the country’s smartphone market is very profitable.  

The Progress 

It’s been more than thirty years – most probably in the 1990s, the progress of mobile phones actually started gaining push. During this whole period, mobile devices were used to make and receive phones calls for the purpose of communication only.   

Today, however, things have been changed completely. Technology improved very-well and industry has now moved to the era of smartphones from simple mobile phones, which has a more significant impact in all industries, including gaming. Smartphones influenced all types of games by transforming the gaming market, from simple card games to strategic games.  

The Age of the Internet

We should not forget that the real game changer is actually an Internet. Before the internet era, the marketing of their games was a tedious task for game developers. But now, game developers can market their products better than they used to use broadband, Wi-Fi and a 2G mobile internet connection.   

The cost of manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of the games has, therefore, been significantly reduced. The gaming industry is experiencing a visible change in the past 5 to 6 years with price decreases for smartphones and an increase in the number of downloadable games.  

The most important factor which needs to be considered is that the games which were usually played in clubs like 24×7 rummy games, Poker, Teen Patti, etc. are available now online and have a unique online game community.  

Gaming Era and its Fame

  The number of Internet users increased, as internet tariffs in every country became affordable. Another reason is the availability of budget-friendly smartphones and best internet plans as well as the access to on-the-go play for online players. Not only this, freemium online accessibility has greatly improved these online players’ growing subscriber base.   

Online games are quite convincing to play even for beginners with all kind of information such as how to play and numerous other useful tutorials. The secure registration, easy-to-use features, plentiful offers, promotions and many gaming opportunities all the reasons – increased the popularity of online games in the past couple of years.  

Further down the line, online games enable you to play with a plethora of players online and offer reference software to invite a family member or your friend to play with online gamers. The fascinating features of the online industry, attractive prizes, and exciting challenges create great excitement and provide a rush worthy experience.  

All Right! What’s the Future?

More than one billion people (perhaps more) are using smartphones worldwide, and more than a million players all over the world play games on their mobile phones daily. The future goal is undoubtedly clear.   

The goal is to reach more people who may want to play games but haven’t tried. This offers game developers a fantastic opportunity to think innovatively and develop unique gaming experiences that players always want.  

The Final Word

The mobile phone journey has not been completed yet. Smartphones have changed the face of technology and the lives of people worldwide from being a mere means of communication to being highly advanced gaming equipment. The advances in mobile technology and their impact on the Marketing Industry are just the tips of the iceberg. The future, however, is fantastic.


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