The gardening inventions of Earl Senchuk to help disabled people

Gardens aren’t just for the birds, the bees, and non-disabled people. Lots of disabled people enjoy participating in gardening or simply wandering through curated outdoor spaces so they can stop and smell the roses, but unfortunately, a lot of gardens are not laid out to accommodate them.

Gardening can have many health benefits for people with disabilities, and can provide a source of exercise, friendship, stimulation and relaxation. With a little planning and consideration, you can create an accessible, productive and pleasant garden for people with disabilities. Equipment and garden structures need to be carefully designed and selected to accommodate people with disabilities.
One such effort is made by Earl Senchuk to help disabled people for actively participating in the gardening activities.
Image source: abc10up
Gretchen uses her Seeing Eye dog, Lloyd, to get around. Now, she can plant crops and flowers by herself, thanks to an invention by Earl Senchuk. The ‘Seed and Weed’ is designed to make gardening easier for people with or without a disability. “You don’t double seed, you can plunge the seeds to the exact depth on the package and it eliminates weeding by about 80%,” said Senchuk.
Senchuk showed Gretchen how to plant seeds using the Seed and Weed. She planted seeds in another one of Senchuk’s inventions, called the ‘Boomer Bloomer’, which allows gardeners to grow certain crops nine months out of the year. Gretchen found the entire process very easy.
“Earl has done a really nice job on getting his prototype to a place where it’s easily accessible for a blind, impaired person or someone that has problems with their hands like arthritis,” said Gretchen Preston.
Some people with disabilities want to start gardening, but lack experience. Others, experienced gardeners who become disabled, want to resume a favorite activity but may need ideas and assistance to get the ball rolling. These inventions of Earl Senchuk would definitely inspire the disabled people for achieving their gardening goals. (Source: abc10up)
Great Inventions indeed!


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