The First Public Bench Embedded with Solar Panel Installed at Ukraine Capital Kiev

Embedding the renewable energy products in our life style furniture or any other products is going to be a unique combination in future. 

We strive for more and more innovative approach in our design and layout to get more effective product as far as clean and green energy is concerned.
Solar power is taking the world by storm these days, you will find most of the places or products come with additional features using solar energy.
If you think about it, it makes perfect sense – what better place to charge your gadgets with renewable energy than the bench you are sitting at.
Image credit: UNIAN via Qha

Recently, Kiev – the capital of Ukraine has installed the first bench with built-in solar panel near the metro station on Khreshchatyk Street in Kyiv, reports UNIAN. 
“The benches are available under the Registered Investment program, so you can give it to the city or set it near your office and have a plaque bearing your name installed on the bench,” says Denis Pivnev, Director of the Kyiv Center for Development of Environment.

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“The idea is foreign, the initiative is ours, the design from 2B Group and hardware is Ukrainian-produced! The preliminary cost of this bench, including its installation and plaque, is UAH 15 thousand,” adds Denis Pivnev, as reported by Qha.
You can charge the mobile phone or other gadgets using USB-ports are embedded in the bench.


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