Telehealth To Treat Coronavirus Patients

Limiting the Coronavirus Outbreak with Remote Diagnosis

The city of China Wuhan is already stopped. As the fear of coronavirus is circulating faster around the world, scientists are working on its antidote. In recent news, it was told that there is an Indian company named Serum Institute of India, testing coronavirus vaccine on animals for the first time in Pune. The vaccine will be soon tested on humans in 6 months. However, this virus is so fatal that infected patients are isolated and taken to a separate ward to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The count of deaths is not stopping and patients require continuous health care services to defeat the hazardous virus. (Image source)

The medical industry is blessed to have the provision of Telehealth in which doctors use broadband videoconferencing technology to solve the most complex healthcare challenges that society is facing nowadays. With a list of proven benefits, the Telehealth business is expanding. As per the 2018 reports issued by market professionals, telemedicine use raised by 261% between 2015-2017.

Telemedicine is a valuable technology for doctors, patients, and healthcare. There are many reasons that explain why healthcare is adopting Telehealth faster. All the benefits and reasons majorly categorized into five sections

Remotely access to care

The basic goal of Telehealth is to allow doctors, physicians, and clinicians to proceed remote care for individuals located at different areas or nations. Telehealth has gathered successful stories about delivering medical care to needed patients or individuals. This not only saves the time and expense but also help doctors in providing care for individuals located at distant such as rural areas where transportation is still in progress.

Proven assistance

Telehealth can make it possible for some specialists to be present at clinics and hospitals, virtually treating the specific conditions at the facility. For instance, there are clinics running a telehealth program that allows experienced specialists to assist care teams in community hospitals in handling complex emergencies.


Telehealth benefits both the patients and doctors who need and deliver basic primary care respectively. Video sessions are comparatively less time-consuming than meeting in-personal. This is convenient for patients and doctors who work the entire day. This thing put a positive impact on productivity too.

Productivity enhancement

When Telehealth is integrated with other system technologies, it can be fruitful and result in better productivity by emr consulting services.

How Telehealth Can Be A Front Liner of Defence?

Every year, the count of consumers using Telehealth urgent care programs is increasing. These programs are designed to connect patients to physicians for any urgent screening and sometimes for contagious conditions. Telehealth interfaces let patients receive treatment and prescriptions conveniently. This approach is most effective and efficient not only for patients but healthcare too.  It enhances access to care, boosts the diagnosis speed, saves time and money during the process. Virtual health care facilities also help prevent patients from getting affected by new viruses and infections in waiting rooms at the healthcare facilities.

The latest coronavirus outbreak is taken in reference to the technology. Telehealth can help infected patients gain access to medical services quickly without making a personal visit to the doctor. The same applies to individuals with symptoms. While doctors cannot test whether the person is infected with coronavirus through the Telehealth interface, there is a possibility to screen patients and individuals, assign a risk category, answer their queries and recommend the next steps to care. This will eliminate the risk of getting infected with the coronavirus. Even the infected individual can access health care independently and recover with the fatal condition with the right care. Telehealth technology has delivered successful results during the yearly seasonal outbreaks of influenza.

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