How Technology Has Changed Keeping Your Clothes Wrinkle Free

How Technology Has Changed Keeping Your Clothes Wrinkle Free

Technology, when used efficiently for good, can bring ease and convenience to daily life. One of the best ways it’s aided us for the better is in the small inventions that make chores like ironing clothes faster.  

The Evolution of Ironing  

Considering how the idea for the first ironing tools evolved from actual iron heated in coal to press clothes, it’s safe to say technology has taken us forward when it comes to tackling this dreadful chore.  

Almost everyone is probably familiar with the triangular ironing appliance that’s a staple in every household until the recent existence of steamers. It’s used together with a foldable ironing board where clothes are pressed flat and straight.  

However, designers, tailors, and businesses have long used other commercial equipment for ironing purposes. Dry cleaning services, in particular, involve the use of a steam press or rotary iron.  

These items have come in various models over the years – constantly improving their existing features and incorporating new ones as technology evolves too. However, in recent time, new inventions promise yet another way to remove wrinkles from clothes without exerting the same slow manual labor as with the traditional methods.  

Here are just some of what’s been growing in popularity especially among those whose lifestyles are increasingly becoming fast-paced and busy:  

Clothing Steamers as an Alternative  

Steamers aren’t a new concept. As mentioned, it’s been used by clothing manufacturers and the like to press clothes. It’s the reason the clothes in stores look as good and flawless as they do. However, these machines were originally large and not made for home use.  

Steamers for the home nowadays come in different variations, including a floor model and handheld one, which are suited more for personal use at home.

Washing Machines that Irons Clothes  

A washing machine that irons your clothes is not a new concept. It’s been in existence since the previous decade as new ones are still in production as recent as last year.  

These machines use the same technology as the steamers, though probably less promising. It would seem too good to be true to have perfectly ironed clothes out of the wash. Their steaming functions just provide a wrinkle-reductive feature, making ironing clothes after washing them almost unnecessary.  

Robotic Ironing Machine  

While we can be grateful for the reduced chore time with these advanced tools and machines, this robotic ironing machine is on a different level. Named Effie, it works on its own and doesn’t require any human assistance at all.  

With the ability to iron 12 clothes at a time, this could possibly change the whole process of ironing clothes as we know it. No matter the type of machine or tool there is, the concept of ironing is still rooted in the chemistry of putting heat onto clothing fibers.  

The difference is that before, wrinkles are removed by flattening out clothes under the heavy weight of iron, nowadays steam technology is thriving to quicken the ironing process. The future of ironing might just be almost automatic, the same way as you do laundry.


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