Tech Tools You’ll Want in 2019

Tech Tools You’ll Want in 2019

Every year, there is new technology that emerges and completely changes the game, creating a new paradigm shift and altering how things have always been done. I am a firm believer that new technology can help you gain a competitive edge and increase productivity in both your home life and work life. If you are starting your own business in 2019, there are some items on here you should consider investing in.   

Below, we will discuss some of the new and exciting products worthy of consideration. Rest assured, you’ll want at least a few of these tech tools beneath your belt.  

Treadmill Desk

  Over the last decade, many office workers have decided that sitting slumped in front of a desk was neither good for productivity, nor one’s back. There have been different solutions to this problem such as sitting on an exercise ball or utilizing a standing desk. Studies have shown that standing desks are in fact better for your health, posture, and work productivity.

In recent years, NordicTrack took this concept even further by creating the treadmill desk, which allows you to focus on your work and health simultaneously. Why sit and work when you can walk and work?   


BTTN was created to be the world’s very first connected IoT button. This physical button was designed to improve customer experience by changing the business into an on-demand model. In the office, this programmable, flexible button can be used to trigger workflows, reorder supplies, book a conference room, mark a timesheet, create callback requests, or help with process management. These press devices arrive with standalone connectivity and intuitive integration tools.   


  These days, laptops are far more practical office computers than desktops, primarily due to their portability and newer features. If you want a laptop that is both powerful, portable, and will not break your wallet, check out this HP Chromebook Review. HP Chromebooks come in an array of sizes, styles, and speeds, but each one is created as flexible utilities for both the home and office.  

Soundbar Q Acoustics M3 

  In my top 5 gadgets to look out for, I talked about the benefits of smart speakers. The M3 Soundbar by Q Acoustics packs incredible sound and style for a fraction of a comparable speaker made by Sonos. Q Acoustics is known for creating elegantly designed speakers that are minimalistic and produce incredible sound. Light up your home or office with crystal clear sound and music quality.   


  If grammar and proofreading are not your strong suits, Grammarly is an app and subscription service that helps you polish and correct your writing. This app can scan word documents, emails, and several other programs to ensure that everything you are sending is error free. Improve readability and cut down on mistakes in no time at all.

Tech Tools You’ll Want in 2019

FitBit Alta

  When you are setting fitness, weight loss, and exercising goals, it is all too easy to lose track or motivation for achieving these goals, especially if you are busy with work. FitBit Alta is the pinnacle of fitness trackers in that it can monitor every aspect of your day including food intake, activity, steps, exercise, calories burned, heart rate, weight, and sleep. With a battery that lasts a week and a minimalist design, FitBit Alta looks great and helps you feel great. Alta comes with a clock, tap display, movement reminders, plus call, text and calendar alerts.   

SelfControl App

  It is all too easy to get caught browsing Reddit, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, or find yourself down some obscure internet rabbit hole when you should be working. SelfControl is a free app made for MAC that lets you block your own access to websites. This enables you to focus and work in a distraction-free setting.

Simply choose which sites you want to block, set a timer, and you will be unable to access those sites, even if you pull the plug on the computer or delete SelfControl. If you have a deadline that you need to hit, set your sites, hit block, and get to work.  

We are fortunate to live in a time where we have so many excellent tools at our disposal. Hopefully, some of those listed above will improve both your home and work life.

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