Using Tech To Get Into Med School

Artificial Intelligence to monitor patients, Wi-Fi smart devices, digital assistants, sensor-inspired watches that track patient health, and Bluetooth/IoT applications for various healthcare issues are just a few of today’s innovative systems that physicians are using in their healthcare facilities. 
Using Tech To Get Into Med School
As a pre-med student, each person should be prepared to learn different technology systems that can help them get into or prepare for medical school. During orientation week in many medical institutions, the Admissions Departments are reaching out to pre-med students to inform them of what they will need to help them in their classes. 

The devices for medical school can involve electronic note taking, video conferencing, and school-inspired mobile computing. These devices will be used by students to receive much of their study and research materials. 

During the first year and in later studies as in a students’ third semester, they will continue to use mobile systems to receive clinical information like patient tracking and faculty messaging to review each student’s progress. Pre-med students must be prepared to move into a technology-driven medical environment to deliver innovative care.

Technology Connects Interdisciplinary Studies 

The world of doctors has changed vastly with the research and study of human genome breakthroughs, new insulin delivery systems, computer-guided catheter reprocessor and virtual connectivity doctor visits are what is awaiting the graduating medical students. 
There is a myriad of pre-med majors that students will be thrust into. However, students will still need the basic studies of biology, calculations, chemistry, and physics. 

Medical students will major in varied fields that will find them interconnecting with other specialties because technology is making the field a medically shared community. 

MCAT Test 

Future students can major in anything they want aside from medicine, but if their goal is the medical field, then they must still take the Medical School Admissions Test (‘MCAT’) and they must pass the test.
MCAT is the standardized test that must be completed for prospective medical students. To prepare for the 230-question practice exam, students can use online MCAT prep self-study courses that mimic the real test covering the following courses:

• Biological and Biochemical Basics of Living Networks 

• Chemical and Physical Basics of Biological Systems

• Critical Analysis

• Critical Reasoning Skills

• Psychological Behavior

• Social, and Biological Behavior
The Association of American Medical Colleges provides free practice online MCAT prep tests. MCAT studies are designed to help pre-med students to think outside the box with the courses outlined above. 

Med School Apps

The most valuable technology to help prospective medical students are the many downloadable apps that are very affordable and library connected apps that are free. 

Pre-med students should invest in a mobile device like an iPad or a smartphone to store key apps on subject matters like:
• Anatomy: 360° rotation view of the human body including the origin of nerves, muscles, and arteries.

• Dictionary: downloadable medical dictionary app that gives students terminology origins and definitions. 

• References: there are a variety of reference apps. Some apps that provide disease origins and their effect on the human body and apps that help students view drug prescriptions and pharmaceutical safety techniques.

• Lab: lab apps are great for students studying specific body functions like the heart, the metabolic system and more.

Useful Tips to Get into Med School

Even though you are a pre-med student, there are other remedies regarding technology that you can become familiar with prior to entering school. First, you can ask your family doctor, a nurse, or an EMT professional if you could tag along with them for a day.
Secondly, you can volunteer to work at a lab or a local medical clinic to learn how they perform work-ups on patients and how they research and file key medical paperwork. 

Volunteering looks good on college admissions because it shows initiative, integrity, and a sense of humanity, especially in the medical field.


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