Best Tech Gadgets You Should Buy Right now

The tech industry seems to have new members every day! Tech gadgets are evolving and advancing continuously and brands are launching a handful of devices on a monthly basis. As for the consumers, they are tech-hungry and are all for these more refined and powerful gadgets.

The users are also particular about their internet subscriptions. Mainly because most of these devices that they are spending hundreds of dollars on are internet-based. When I got my new iPhone 11 max pro, I upgraded the speed tier of my Spectrum Internet Only plan too. Same way consumers also expect a lot from the tech gadget and tech-related amenities.

Here is a list of best tech gadgets and devices, which have been reviewed excellently by tech gurus. It’s time to update your gadget-bucket-list. Take your top picks!

Sony WH-1000XM3

Looking for high-end headphones? Look no further! Sony WH-1000XM3 comes with an effective noise cancellation feature. It has a battery time of up to 30 hours. Sony is clearly a winner in terms of sound quality and design.

The design is well thought with touch controls located on the right ear-cup. The sound performance is crisp and excellent. You get to have a rapid USB-C for charging. Sony WH-1000XM3 is a superstar worth every penny!

Fitbit Alta HR

Do you have any fitness goals this year? Make Fitbit Alta HR your fitness partner. This fitness tracker has a battery life of 7 days. The design is slim and discreet. In addition to impressive battery time, it houses tons of other great tech features.

It tracks heart rate, daily steps, calorie-burn, sleep, and more. It also offers interesting extras like mini-goals which you can set on an hourly basis. The only downside is that it’s not waterproof so you can’t wear it to swimming.

ShiftCam Multilens for iPhone 11

The world is somehow convinced that the iPhone makes the best smartphone cameras. However, a little room for improvement is always there. For an iPhone case, the ShiftCam Multilens is a pricey option.

But it offers two-meter drop protection. It also has four lenses, which conveniently slot over the current iPhone 11 camera for a telephoto. It also adds 180-degree fisheye and macro lenses of 10x and 20x to your arsenal.

You don’t have to share dodgy and blurred holiday photos on social media anymore because ShiftCam Multilens also features polarizers. They filter out unwanted reflections and glares.

Polar Vantage V

Polar’s Vantage V is the best mate for all the fitness geeks. It is the best running watch in the market that you can get your hands on. It comes with an impressive battery time of almost 40 hours.

It tracks heart rate, running power, GPS, sleep, and more. You can also take advantage of useful recovery insights. They are particularly useful for runners who are trying to improve their performance. The design is sleek and stylish.

The tracker syncs with the phone and you can get phone notifications.

UE Megaboom 3

Look no further if you are looking for high-performance Bluetooth speakers. With an impressive battery time of up to 20 hours, UE Megaboom 3 has toppled all the BT speakers in the market.

These speakers offer a desirable balance of value, features, and sound quality. No wonder it has left all its rivals behind. It also has the ability to stereo pair and daisy chain with many other UE speakers.

Apple iPad Air

We love iPad Pro but iPad Air is a more user-friendly choice. It comes with a decent battery time of 10 hours. The design is sleek, trendy, and timeless. The screen is high-resolution with pristine clarity.

You get to enjoy a massive number of apps. The apps are designed particularly for the tabs and other platforms can’t really compete with them. Apple iPad Air also supports the Smart Keyboard by Apple and Apple Pencil.

Jura S8

Anyone craving a perfectly brewed cup of coffee? Jura S8 is here to rescue you. This stylish coffee machine makes you a variety of different flavors such as latte macchiato, flat white, espresso, ristretto, and others.

Even green tea lovers can take advantage of it. Use the Jura Coffee app or its touchscreen to operate it.

Dell XPS 13

Searching for a perfect laptop? Dell XPS 13 is the new MacBook-killer. With a decent screen size of 13.3-inch and resolution of 4K/1080p, this amazing laptop comes with a battery time of up to 21 hours.

It is sleek, light, and quite powerful to support heavy workload. You can take advantage of several configuration options. For instance, full HD or UHD, non-glare screens, and touchscreen versions. I synced my internet ultimate plans with this laptop and I loved watching them on this screen.

The position of the webcam is just above the display. You wouldn’t regret this investment.

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