The Surprising Appeal of Library-style Office Shelving


As is typically the case at home, most businesses would jump for the opportunity to free up a little space in an office. Or if possible, a lot of space. Additional storage solutions are all well and good, though stand to make a serious dent in available floor space. For businesses working in more compact settings, traditional shelving, cabinets and storage units aren’t always ideal.

But how about a dynamic shelving system, with the capacity to reduce required floor space by as much as 50%? Too good to be true? Too complex and expensive to consider?

Not at all…it’s simply a case of taking a leaf from the book of your local library!


Library-Style Office Shelving

Compactus shelving also known as mobile shelving – has been around in one form or another for decades. Traditionally associated with libraries and specialist business settings, mobile shelving is slowly but surely entering workplace environments worldwide. The idea being that if you need to store large volumes of material while dealing with minimal floor space, the shelving itself shifts and adjusts to accommodate your needs.

Genius in its simplicity, Compactus shelving systems consist of the required number of wheeled shelving units, which are attached to embedded tracks on the floor. If you have five shelving units in total, all five of these units can be compacted into one comparatively small unit. When any specific shelf needs to be accessed, the units can be moved into the required position before being returned to their prior compact position.

Depending on the number of shelving units required, this can reduce floor space requirements by up to 50%, when compared to fixed shelving units.

Not Just for Books

Once specifically designed to accommodate books, files and paperwork in general, Compactus shelving is now suitable for almost any purpose. Along with everyday office essentials, commercial businesses use mobile shelving to conveniently hold their inventory.

The introduction of a complete range of accessories and add-ons has further enhanced the flexibility and versatility of Compactus shelving. Likewise, leading mobile shelving manufacturers have introduced an endless array of advanced security features. Along with saving space, Compactus shelving can also be used to safeguard valuable or sensitive items.

Manual Vs Electronic Compactus 

Mobile shelving systems can be designed and installed in almost any required specification. In all instances, the business will be able to choose from manual or electronic Compactus systems, which bring their own unique pros and cons to the table:

  • Manual Compactus.  The primary advantage of manual mobile shelving is its simplicity. Easy to install and operate, manual mobile shelving is also the most affordable option. There’s also the peace of mind that comes with knowing manual mobile shelving will continue to operate as normal, in the event of a power cut. 
  • Electronic Compactus. The main difference with electronic mobile shelving is the automation of the access process. Rather than manually moving the units into position, a simple press of a button is all it takes.  Electronic mobile shelving systems can also be programmed with a variety of security features, such as access codes and even fingerprint recognition. The downside being the higher initial purchase price of an advanced electronic mobile shelving system.

Compact Units, Huge Potential 


If space is at a premium, traditional storage solutions will only get you so far.  In some instances, you may be able to store non-essential materials off-site at a secure location. Self-storage facilities and external warehousing services represent viable options to explore. But when it comes to the materials, products and resources you need on-hand, you need to find space to accommodate them.

The latest mobile shelving systems on the market can be designed for seamless integration in any working environment. Irrespective of the size, shape and nature of the workplace, there are options available to suit all preferences and pockets. Depending on your specific requirements, the installation process can also be surprisingly simple. All with minimal on-going maintenance requirements to worry about.

With Compactus storage, you could be looking at a system with the capacity to double the efficiency of your current shelving. Use the same space to store twice as many products, or reduce floor space requirements by up to 50%.  For smaller businesses in particular, a little extra space around the office could be worth its weight in gold.

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