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With more than 7,40,000 schools India operates the biggest education system in the world. In India today, 4% of our children never start school. 58% don’t complete primary schools. And 90% don’t complete school & about only 10% of our children go on to college both saddens and angers us. 

There are many organisations and NGOs are in existence in India which have a common goals mainly, a better education, eradicate poverty, food for all, childcare, better quality living standard and many more. We have found one of the novel organisation ‘Bighelp’ which aims for basic and formal education to all children in India.

Source: Bighelp 
Bighelp For Education is a nonprofit organization dedicated for uplifting the underprivileged children in India through education. Having recognized the problems associated with literacy in India, Bighelp strive to be a catalyst for spreading the awareness of literacy and achieve 100% literacy in India by directly funding and sponsoring education for children. Bighelp believes that children’s education is one of the most effective development investments that a country can make.
With a mission of providing basic and formal education and better quality schooling to the underprivileged children in India regardless of gender, class, race, religion and disability to lead them step in the march towards change and self-reliance – Bighelp, a volunteer organization dedicated to improve educational opportunities for children in India.
Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person
by Mother Teresa
By mobilizing the funds Bighelp is helping underprivileged children in India to step in the march towards change, self-reliance by providing basic and formal education, thereby raise economic productivity of the country, improve the educational prospects of the next generation, promote sound management of environmental resources and reduce poverty. 
Source: Bighelp  

Bighelp is founded by Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) living in USA to help the children in their motherland. Bighelp works directly with the children and collaboratively work with other volunteers who are on the same mission working with underprivileged children. Bighelp raises funds and use them to implement literacy projects in India through NGO and other volunteer organizations in India. Bighelp For Education in USA is associated with “Bighelp For Education Trust” in India as one of the donor to implement the literacy projects in India.

Source: Bighelp

The objective of Adopt A School program is to strengthen Government schools that are providing formal education in rural areas in India. These schools provide full time schooling for children with the syllabus prescribed by the government. The formal schools being supported by Bighelp are the schools that have been neglected by local communities and government officials.
The children attending these schools pay little or no fees and come from low socio-economic backgrounds. The goal of this program is to increase the student enrollment & retention rate, incorporate good teaching and learning techniques in government schools and ensure that the education that the children receive is effective.
You can do no great things; only small things with great love
by Mother Teresa
Under this program donor can adopt a public school in remote villages in India to provide basic facilities like drinking water, sports equipment, lab equipment, teaching/learning material, school building infrastructure, additional teachers, rest rooms (toilets), uniforms or books to the students. It takes minimum of US$1500 to adopt a school.

This amount may be higher depending on the current status of the school and its requirements. A donor can sponsor entire project by donating US$1500. Donor may donate any amount as they like; in that case their donations will be pooled with other donations to fund a project. Bighelp surveys schools and fulfill their requirements in the order of their priority. Projects are implemented in the name of donor and all the details are published in their website.

Image source: Global Education First

Bighelp also conducts various initiatives like Sponsor A Child, Talent Search, Special Needs, Merit Awards. The objective of Sponsor A Child program is to fund and sponsor the education of children in India who are at risk of discontinuing their schooling due to very impoverished circumstances. The goal of this program is to prevent the dropouts by orphans or financially backward children. In addition to getting financial assistance (worth of Rs 250 per month), in this program children are benefited from more individual attention by our project directors and project committees that have been established at each project location.
Really, we should salute to the Bighelp organisation who is doing a fantastic and a great humanitarian work in India. Explore further and donate generously by clicking Bighelp.


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