Super Wheel | A New Chapter in Cycling – Powered by Weight


The depleting energy resources are really a cause of concern with the current pace of growth across the globe. The public, as well as personal mobility, require a sincere commitment for reducing the carbon footprint to avert a global warming situation.


  It’s a matter of time when we shall face an adverse scenario if we don’t focus or start using the sustainable mode of transportation. The hype of electric vehicles is on rising but it has a negative impact as it runs on limited available energy resources.    

Super Wheel | A New Chapter in Cycling – Powered by Weight
Super Wheel | A New Chapter in Cycling – Powered by Weight
Super Wheel | A New Chapter in Cycling – Powered by Weight

Images credit: Super Wheel System   We are in the stage of emerging from oil-age to electric-age, the conservation of electricity & electronic waste management will become increasingly important.   

Each year our planet generates 50 million tons of E-waste, and a large portion of it, including of the toxic materials ends up in landfill sites.  

An Irish company Super Wheel System based in Cavan, founded by Simon Chan is preparing to launch his innovative and eco-friendly wheel into the crowd-funding medium, Indiegogo this coming summer.   

Super Wheel | A New Chapter in Cycling – Powered by Weight

  Super Wheel Team   After years of designing, engineering and reinventing the Super Wheel and months of marketing and social media campaigns it has now all come into fruition as he prepares for the launch day.   

Simon who resides in Cavan, Ireland but is originally from Hong Kong has been working on his Super Cycle project for over ten years. A hobby that very quickly transformed into his passion!  

Originally from Hong Kong, Simon first came into contact with DkIT’s Regional Development Centre (RDC) in 2016, when he underwent a programme that successfully assisted him to license one of his inventions, the EasyPedal, a product aimed at improving the cycling experience.   

Inspired by the Power-steering system of his father’s new truck, the dream of developing a bicycle that can fully utilize human power began to develop when he was just 14 years old.  

He began more active R&D work when his project “EasyPedal” was awarded an Innovation Voucher (development funding of 5000 euro) from Enterprise Ireland, and working with the University of Ulster in 2010.  

Now Simon has taken another step forward with his second cycling invention, the Super Wheel system, which he plans to commercialize himself.   Most people believe that the use of external force assistance, ie. Electric assisted (E-bike) may be the only way to improve cycling efficiency (power) while he believed the improvement can be achieved by changing the structural design to accommodate three devices that can fully utilize human power.   

The Super Wheel project aims to provide three basic components for future cycle/human power vehicles that can fully utilize human power. It’s a revolutionary bicycle wheel that can significantly improve cycling efficiency and solely relying on human power.  

You get a pleasure of riding an e-bike alternative bicycle without the cost, it has no battery hence no electric charging is required, and finally the advantage of weight (mass) to energy conversion technology that makes more than 30 percent energy efficient than a standard wheel.  

Since it has no battery, it can be transported on planes. The battery that comes with an e-bike can’t be transported on planes because of its chemical composition.   Super Wheel weighs just at 4 kg that makes it more comfortable to install and easy to lift. No restrictions on a range, the Super Wheel will work for as long as you can cycle. A high proportion of weight in the back wheel provides an additional energy when cycling uphill.  

It makes your journey a lot more effortless and environmentally friendly; Super wheel suits all cyclists and their bicycle as Super Wheel are easily attachable to all sorts of bikes old or new in a matter of minutes.  

Super Wheel is a bicycle wheel with a built-in power assistance system, using their patent pending (WTECT) ‘Weight (mass) to energy conversion technology, converting the user’s weight to turning power during rotation to improve cycling efficiency.  

The Super Wheel was successfully tested in October last year and is now being supported by Climate KIC Accelerator (H2020) Funding Program to help take the product to the market.  

Simon and his team are currently marketing the wheel to city commuters, cycling enthusiasts, to any environmentalists out there that are still using less sustainable transports and to people who may have a mobility disadvantage that restricts them from cycling.   

We are eager to see it’s progression into mainstream cycling for sustainable personal mobility or last mile transportation!


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