Students of Government Secondary School Invented a Biodiesel from Waste Plants in India!

Biodiesel development dates back to 1885 when Dr. Rudolf Diesel built the first diesel engine with the full intention of running it on vegetative sources. He ran the patented engine on any hydrocarbon fuel available_ which included gasoline and peanut oil. The several researches and exploits into the field of production of biodiesel from natural biomass have been made in the past.

Biodiesel is a renewable source of energy that has not been fully tapped. Biodiesel can facilitate clean air, readily usable in existing engines and transport facilities, capable of generating employment and income for citizens and country at large. The major biomass world-wide is Jatropha plant which is currently generating interest in every economy of the world. 
The major problems facing the full exploit of this modern fuel is surmountable including the fear of taking-up arable agricultural land. Various generations of biofuel feed-stocks can be made use of in place of agricultural crops. The benefits and prospects of biodiesel production is huge and numerous. 
The major researches are under way in many parts of the world for creating the bio-fuel or bio-diesel to reduce the effect of green house gases to the environment. One such innovation is made by the secondary school students in India. Well-done students for your Invention!

Students from Jasdan Model secondary school in the Rajkot district of India, using sunshine prepared the biodiesel which is said to be the cheaper than the diesel available in the market. 
India has many research activities on the natural resources in spite of that the price of petrol and diesel are still on the higher side which is not affordable to many people. The use of conventional petrol and diesel lead to increase in environmental pollution and results in climate changes.
As an alternative to the costly petrol and diesel, the Inventors- Manilaben Jani and Tushar Bhesadiya have invented a cheaper eco-friendly biodiesel from the waste plants. Their Invention was displayed in the Science Fair season of Rajkot district government secondary school. They got a first prize in the Chemistry division.
The process is much easier; an automated Biodiesel plant model uses a Sun Cooker. The biodiesel solution is prepared using Sodium Meth-oxide liquid which is much cheaper than the diesel in the market. The existing cost of diesel is Rs. 50 per litre while this biodiesel costs only Rs. 30 per litre as per their claim. 
After the mixing, steaming and filtration processes – the eco-friendly biodiesel is prepared which doesn’t emit poisonous gases like carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. It saves our environment! The students of all government secondary schools took part in science fairs were encouraged by giving an prize shields and certificates.


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