Student Developed a Portable Power Bank AIRBATTERY That Charges Gadgets On The Go

Solar chargers are one means of keeping the gadgets charged when you are at remote locations, but it has an obstacle of time which makes it vulnerable during night.   

Now, a high school student, Nnaji Obinelo has a unique solution, he has developed a compact and portable power bank that charges your devices anytime, anywhere using free wind energy.  

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Images credit: AIRBATTERY  

His creation, patent pending AIRBATTERY, uses wind energy; with a 12000 m-Ah capacity battery the device supplies 15 watts of power to a device with a 3 amp current.   The concept behind the AIRBATTERY’s build was to make a powerful device with the added benefits of being light and compact.  


Atop the power bank section of the AIRBATTERY is a miniature wind turbine with a propeller at the end. Once the device picks up 23-28 mph (37-45 kmh) winds the propeller starts spinning the turbine, the battery will begin to charge, and the USB port receives power. 23-28 mph winds is about 35-40 mph (56-64 kmh) when driving in a car in ordinary weather.  

The battery can also be charged with a standard micro USB. The device includes one standard USB port.   


Images credit: AIRBATTERY  

The AIRBATTERY is currently in its prototype stage that made out of 3D printed plastics.   

Nnaji plans on adding several more features to the device, that makes it weather resistance allowing it to provide energy in natural disasters.  

It’s a perfect power solution for any moving vehicle or bike as it allows you to charge devices on the go. It could also useful in emergencies like stormy weather that can cause outages.   

The fund raising campaign of AIRBATTERY is currently live at Indiegogo for a goal of $1,300. Nnaji needs fund to make some changes in prototype for better performance.  

He hopes to work with larger organizations in the future to make the AIRBATTERY available to all. (Source: AIRBATTERY)


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