Student Deeya Shroff’s Invention ‘Water ATM’ Improved the Accessibility of Pure Water to Rural India

India’s huge and growing population is putting a severe strain on all of the country’s natural resources, especially on pure or potable water.

Though India has made progress in the supply of safe water to its people, but gross disparity in coverage exists across the country. 
Despite improvements over the past few years, accessing clean water is a big challenge in rural India. 
According to the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) estimates, 14% of the households reported shortage of drinking water at some point during the year.
Image credit: Jal-Jeevan

An 11 grader student Deeya Shroff with a mission to improve the pure water accessibility; has invented a unique idea!

Deeya Shroff’s Water ATM (Image credit: The Better India)
Deeya has improved the lives of 1200+ individuals through her project ‘Jal Jeevan.’
The 6th annual Pramerica Spirit of Community Awards programme felicitated Deeya Shroff, a class XI student of Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai for her extraordinary contribution to community service.
Film personality Rahul Bose and social activist Anoop Pabby presenting a award to Deeya Shroff (Image credit: Jal-Jeevan)
She was presented with Gold Medallions, Certificate of Excellence and a cash reward of Rs. 50,000 along with a return trip to Washington, D.C. this year.
This project provided clean and purified drinking water through water ATMs to 300 families in rural India. 
People in rural India have to travel miles to get the fresh or potable water for the family. To improve this water scarcity situation in India, Deeya had decided to resolve this chronic issue. 
She collaborated with Eureka Forbes and set many water ATMs in rural India.
How Jal Jeevan Water ATM project works?
  • The project helps in providing clean and purified drinking water to people living in rural India through a Water ATM.
  • One water ATM can cater to approximately 300 families
  • It is installed near the local source of water like bore well, etc
  • It works on the basis of Reverse Osmosis and purifies water which will be stored in a tank
  • Each family is given a water ATM card for daily usage.
  • Initial project loan payment can be easily recovered by charging a nominal amount per litre to the users.
  • Afterward, the water ATM becomes free for the people

Deeya raised Rs. 15 lakh by contacting individuals, government officials and the municipal commission. 

The first ATM has been inaugurated by the Municipal Commissioner on India’s Republic Day 26th January 2016 in Solapur, Maharashtra. 
This Initiative of Deeya Shroff must be percolated to many parts of rural India as well as other developing countries where getting a pure water is beyond the reach of people. (Source: Deeya Shroff)


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