A 16 year old student Invented a device ‘Co Secure’ which detects Carbon Monoxide in a car

The gasoline is burnt in the car engine fueling the car running. At the same time, carbon monoxide is also produced due to incomplete burning. Normally, carbon monoxide and other exhaust gases are discharged from the car exhaust to the environment.  

Carbon monoxide poisoning in cars happens when this toxic gas can come into the car inside through broken exhaust and car sealing leakage.

About Carbon Monoxide

Difficult to detect and treat once the damage is done, carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer. This sneaky, toxic gas finds its way into your home through a wide range of seemingly harmless sources.  

Even in small doses carbon monoxide can be harmful and may even cause permanent damage if not caught quickly, and heavy exposure can be lethal in the worst cases.  

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas that is near impossible to identify without a proper detector. It is caused by fuels not burning completely, including wood, gasoline, coal, propane, natural gas, gasoline, and heating oil. This un-burned fuel can come from anything from clothes dryers, water heaters, and ovens to ranges, a fire-burning fireplace, or a car left running in a closed garage.  

One way to prevent extreme or even mild exposure to carbon monoxide is to install a carbon monoxide detector or detectors in your home and car.  

A carbon monoxide detector or CO detector is a device that detects the presence of carbon monoxide(CO) gas in order to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

A Lake Forest High School Business Incubator student Isabella Fontanini, 16, has invented a new device that could detect carbon monoxide to help save lives.   

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Image from video (Source: WGN TV)  

Unfortunately, the carbon monoxide killed her grandparents last year. Her elderly grandparents had a car with keyless ignition and they accidentally left it running in their garage.  

Students identify a problem and try to solve it by creating a company and maybe even a real product. It’s where great ideas are often hatched. Fontanini says the device is all about onboard diagnostics or O.B.D. technology.      

The product plugs into the car, an alert sounds if the car is on, and the garage door will open. The device has been named “Co Secure” and is being talked about, marketed, and potentially paid for right in this suburban classroom.  

The estimated cost of the device could be around $80-85, is still in the design stage but the students will be pitching it to a board of investors for seed money when it’s ready, as reported by WGN TV


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