Why Streaming Apps and VPN Services Go Hand in Hand

Why Streaming Apps and VPN Services Go Hand in Hand

We often talk about bad technology that gives a bad name to the inventors of the technology, but on taking a closer look, you will discover that unless there is some ulterior motive in discovering new technology, it is seldom bad by default. Take the case of Torrent, the VPN technology that facilitates file-sharing that has gained immense popularity.   

There is nothing neither harmful nor bad about the technology with respect to its inherent purpose, but when it falls in wrong hands, it results in a twisted implementation that makes the technology look bad. Torrent websites have earned ill-fame just because it hosts pirated content that indeed makes these websites illegal entities.   

Naturally, governments and law enforcing agencies come down heavily on anything illegal, and Torrent websites are no exception. As the clampdown on Torrent continues, there are ways to circumvent the law.  

VPN provides uninterrupted access to Torrent websites  

The law can catch up with you as long as ISPs can see the IP address of those accessing Torrent websites. VPN provides complete protection by concealing your IP address from ISPs when you are visiting any prohibited site including Torrent websites thereby dispelling the fear of drawing the legal ire of content owners.   

To get a feel of the things and how VPN works you cantry out some free VPN for torrenting. Once you become familiar with the services, decide whether to continue with the free services or opt for paid VPN because free VPNs have limited benefits to offer and often come with some concerning downsides.  

Is free VPN free?   

Free VPN is free because you should be ready to pay some hidden cost that can be a matter of concern. When you are buying any product free, be prepared to become the product yourself. If you are aware of the VPN technology and its infrastructure you should know that maintaining a VPN service is quite expensive.   

So, it is natural that when VPN services are free, the service provider recovers the cost in some other ways. In most cases, they sell client data to third parties which means you are risking your privacy and confidentiality of data when going for free VPN service. However, there are exceptions which are the reason why free VPN still exists. You can check about social media tool

Options are limited  

By referring to Bestdroidplayer, a blog dedicated to the streaming industry you can gather useful information about all kinds of VPN services to identify a reliable service provider. Even if you can identify some free VPN service provider, be ready to accept its limited features.   

To enjoy all round benefit of VPN, you must upgrade it to some paid services by subscribing to it. On subscribing a paid VPN service, you are assured of complete privacy not only during surfing, which you also enjoy with free VPN but your personal data remains well protected which gives you more satisfaction.  

For safe viewing of streaming services without any concern for the legalities and cyber-attacks, while maintaining anonymity during surfing, VPN is the only choice.


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