How Do Steroids Enhance Performance in Just Weeks?

Are you looking for a quick way to enhance your performance? If you are an athlete who has an upcoming competition in weeks, you need something that will work fast. If you want an effective solution, you should turn to steroids, such as testosterone. Let’s take a look at how even low doses of this hormone can assist in boosting your performance.

What Do Science Say?

A study endorsed by New Scientist analyzed the effects of using testosterone for ten weeks. According to that research, it took only three weeks to see the highest performance improvement. On top of that, the dosages were modest, which decreased the risk of failing drug tests. 

Although we can only assume, it is safe to say that many athletes were already aware of this benefit. The only difference is that the scientists have now confirmed it. Testosterone not only improves your performance, but it can also affect your behavior in a way that would motivate you to perform better. 

According to another research, you can expect about 2 to 5kg gain if you use anabolic steroids for ten weeks. However, it is important to note that this gain will be in the form of a pure body mass. The participants of that research also reported up to 20% strength improvement, as well as visible muscle size changes in shoulders, chest, and upper body. 

What Steroids Should You Use to Boost Your Performance?

You can use both a natural variant of testosterone or a synthetic anabolic steroid. However, you want to make sure to use only the best steroids Canada can offer. It is the only way to ensure that you will achieve promised results and that you will be getting a high-quality and original product instead of a fake that could harm your health.

Athletes avoid to speak about it publicly, but the majority of them use some form of testosterone — even amateurs that are looking to boost their muscles and overall appearance resort to this hormone. 

Can Steroids Boost Muscle Mass?

Testosterone belongs to the category of anabolic steroids, which is a group of compounds that has a similar structure. According to the study, synthetic forms of natural compound can help us pack on more muscle in less time . 

Now, let’s find out more about the working process of these steroids. As soon as you inject or consume the drug orally, your drug starts breaking it down into molecules. These molecules travel to your cells, and they connect to androgen receptors.

At this point, they assume the testosterone role. Androgen receptors have a unique shape that can connect with testosterone naturally produced by the human body. As anabolic steroids replicate the structure of testosterone, they can also bind to these receptors. 

The process mentioned above will affect your metabolism. For starters, protein production may increase in some cases. Your organism will utilize that for cell production. The small molecules will develop into bigger ones, and your body will store energy. 

This metabolism phase is called anabolism, and that is why we call testosterone an anabolic steroid. These steroids will also boost muscle building during the anabolism phase. Your muscle cells will start to replicate, which will lead to their growth. That is how steroids can boost muscle mass, and improve both your agility and strength.

How Do Steroids help with Energy Recovery?

The efficiency of steroids doesn’t end up with muscle building. They can also be helpful during the recovery phase after intense training. While you are recovering, your body will go through a part of a metabolic cycle called catabolism. Your organism will start working on protein breakdown, and turn those molecules into amino acids that provide energy. 

Androgen receptors can also inhibit glucocorticoids, which will accelerate protein breakdown and shorten the catabolism process. The most important benefit of that will be that you will shorten recovery time between training sessions. In short, you will not need a lot of rest, and you will keep your performance at a maximum level.

Are There any Side Effects?

If we return to the research sponsored by New Scientist that we mentioned at the beginning of the article, we can find a conclusion that there should be no side effects of using testosterone for a short period. 

 The researchers emphasized that it may be because the steroids weren’t used for a long time, and their dosage was modest. However, the study didn’t notice any significant change in the person’s immune response, behaviour, or mood. 

Can You Test Positively for Testosterone? 

It is not easy to test for steroids containing testosterone for one simple reason – this is a hormone naturally present in the human body. That is why you may be tested for the TE ratio, which means your urine will be analyzed for active and inactive testosterone. 

The allowed TE ratio is a subject of debate in the professional world. The World Anti-Doping Agency considered six or less to be an acceptable TE ratio, but that has changed over the recent years. WADA now has the right to consider suspicious any “abnormal” ratio. In most cases, these will be between 4 and 6, or higher, and it can raise a red flag if multiple tests deliver high results. 

It is all the more reason why it’s vital to know that steroids can boost performance in weeks. The fact you are using a small quantity of testosterone over a short period reduces the chance of your test going wrong. 

The Bottom Line

It may be surprising, but it doesn’t take more than several weeks for steroids to enhance your performance. The estimation is that it will take around three weeks to see obvious improvements in terms of power and muscle mass. 

Even modest use of anabolic steroids like testosterone can improve your performance in just weeks. That can be your secret weapon to outplay the rivals in the upcoming competitions. Finally, let us remind you one more time that it is essential to use only high-quality compounds to ensure maximum effects while keeping your health in order. 

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