Essential Steps To Consider When Developing Gojek Clone App


Businesses like Gojek have blossomed into a Multi-Billion US Dollar Industry in a matter of years’ time and the reason why sharp-witted Entrepreneurs like you are going gaga over this App is because of its profit-centric business model. The App Owner is entitled to earn Commission on every single order placed and service rendered through this All in One Services App.

What’s The Brouhaha About This Gojek Clone Anyway?

This one single App offers 70+ On-Demand Services online to Users who have to just login once and experience the sheer delight of having a unique platform that connects Service Providers directly to their Potential Customers. It is not just about the different genres of Services offered that’s creating the buzz but it is its Commission-Based Business Model. Service Providers pay a certain amount of the money earned through the App per order as Commission to the App Owner. That’s precisely what makes this deal lucrative for aspiring Entrepreneurs!

What All Services Am I Talking About?

Taxi Booking, Cabs and MotoRides on Rentals, Food and Grocery Delivery, Transport and Logistics, Parcel Delivery to one single Destination or to Four Different Locations, Availing Car Wash Services alongside making an appointment with a Doctor, Lawyer, Masseuse, Personal Tutor, Fitness Coach, and Yoga Instructor. These are only the handful of Services that I have listed. Gojek Clone App provides a digital platform to Individual Merchants to help them have a stable source of income such as Plumbers, Electricians, Carpenters, Maids, Security Guards, Barbers, and even Dog Walkers!   

Let’s Get Down To Business?

Now I’ll tell you everything you need to know for developing your very own Multi Service App like Gojek !

  1. First, What all Services you’d be offering your Users at the very beginning?

Dig in deeper and thoroughly study the market trends of all the On-Demand Services that you wish to offer Customers through your App. You have to be absolutely sure about each of the Services that you’d be offering because accordingly you have to arrange the fleet of Delivery Drivers!

Delivery Drivers form the very spine of the On-Demand Service Industry!

Even if you just provide Taxi Booking Services alongside Food and Grocery Delivery, you have to keep certain things in mind!

Hire only Professional Taxi Drivers who have experience of about 3 years and above and have no criminal records. Similarly, even the fleet of Delivery Drivers that you’d hire for Food and Grocery Delivery, ensure that they are local residents and are well-versed with the traffic conditions of the City and knows the streets just as well Doctors can sense the root cause of the problem by simply sensing the vein flow.

All the Delivery Executives have to undergo Anti-Narcotic Drugs Test before they are eligible to apply to work for Gojek like App.

  1. Second, Shortlist such Areas in your vicinity or in your city or in your country where the demand for your Services will be highest!

Painstakingly rigorous and In-Depth Analysis are the only ways to go about it. You have to physically meet Service Providers offering different types of Services and talk to them  and ask them about what is in Demand and Where! This is how you should start connecting with Individual Merchants and creating a strong inter-connected network of Service Providers and App Users.

  1. Third, do you want to buy a readymade Gojek Clone App from a Reputed White-Labelling Firm like Cubejek Technolabs and go live in 7 days or code it yourself and curate the Prototype after 10 years of intense coding?

Now here, you have hit the Bull’s Eye! Because this is the ultimate dilemma of all aspiring Entrepreneurs! I’ll keep it short. When you decide to code such a convoluted App by yourself or by hiring an entire team, it is going to cost you at least a quarter of a Million US Dollars and minimum of 7 years for developing essential core components of the App and then finally creating a prototype.

Why go through all of that hassle when a pre-built App is already waiting for you at Cubejek Technolabs! Launch your very own App like Gojek and go live in 7 days!

And you’d soon be making headlines for becoming a Millionaire in the shortest possible time by keeping your ethical and moral grounds intact!


Powerful Gojek Clone App has brought a digital revolution in the On-Demand Service Industry and has transformed it into a legit Behemoth. Launch your very own Business like Gojek in just 7 days with Cubejek Technolabs! Apart from being an exceptionally well-respected firm  in the global community, it offers phenomenal after-sales support. Cubejek Technolabs will also provide you with a Lifetime Licensed Source Code for one Domain at no extra cost with the purchase of the Package! 

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