Space Travel on Earth – Hyper Chariot Aims for Hypersonic 4,000 mph Tube Transportation

Nick Garzilli, founder, and CEO of Hyper Chariot is a leader in the tube transport industry plans for extensive infrastructure to move people long distances in short periods of time. He has a mission to bring hypersonic tube travel to life and provide it at a much lower cost than the way you travel now!

His hypersonic 4,000 mph tube technology proposes to transport passengers via lightweight tubes that run on electric energy for a fraction of the cost of traditional ground or air transportation.

During research on the concept, Garzilli found a documentary about a futurist Jacques Fresco who recently passed away at 101 years old. He started the “Venus Project”. In this documentary, Jacques explained his vision of the future that included the idea of evacuated tube transport.

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Images credit: Hyper Chariot via Indiegogo

Joanna Garzilli, co-founder & COO of the Hyper Chariot, is a motivational speaker and author of, “Big Miracles,” published by Harper Collins. She is a backbone for developing this amazing technology.

What’s the difference between Hyper Chariot and Elon Musk’s Hyperloop?

According to Garzilli, Hyper Chariot is a saloon car-sized vehicle for one to six people that is ultra-light, weighing as little as 400lbs. It will travel through 5ft vacuumed ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) tubes and will be able to travel anywhere with the network using patented passive maglev interchanges. The size of the tubes is important, as this smaller size tube allows enough air to be evacuated to make the sound barrier no longer a problem.


Hyper Chariot Team at SpaceX to meet Elon Musk (Image credit: Hyper Chariot)

While Elon Musk’s Hyperloop, is a bus-sized vehicle carrying 28-40 people, weighing 20 tons, that will travel through low grade vacuumed tubes (so air resistance will still be an issue) going from point-to-point every 40 seconds. At 760mph Hyper Chariot will have a capacity for 120 passengers per second, compared to Hyperloop’s 1.33, and be cheaper at approximately $25m per mile compared to Hyperloop One’s $64m per mile and high-speed rail (HSR) at $120m. 

The capacity, mobility (with a maximum range of 16,000 miles contrasted to Hyperloop’s 600 miles) and costings of Hyper Chariot make it competitive against traditional forms of personal and cargo transportation such as airlines, rail, car or shipping industries.

“We choose to go the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” John F. Kennedy

“This is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Neil Armstrong

Hyper Chariot is the first company to commercialize evacuated tube transport technologies (ET3). Its project is currently live at Indiegogo and the company labels itself as the “limo” of tube technologies versus the “buses” proposed by hyperloop technology companies Hyperloop Alpha, Hyperloop One and Hyperloop Transport Technologies.

The company is building a 3-mile long, 400 mph demonstration to prove this technology works and is safe for people to travel. On successful, it will go for the fastest ride on the planet, “The Velocitator”.

According to the company, “the Velocitator is the first step towards the 4,000 miles per hour version. It will take 18 seconds to reach 400 miles per hour at 1G of acceleration. Our plan is 5-10 years from now, you’ll experience 3 minutes of 1G acceleration to reach 4,000 miles per hour and break Mach 5, truly hypersonic.”

Hyper Chariot Networks are self-driving car-sized pods that have their own dedicated tracks and separate right of way from the havoc of our roads.

Award Winning Actor and Environmentalist, Matthew Modine is a president of the Hyper Chariot, in a promotional video, said “the future of transportation must continue to expand. We need to find some way to get from one place to another that is efficient, and is fast, and is fun.”

The first “Velocitator” could potentially open at an extreme sports amusement park in Casa Grande, Arizona in 2021. Other short-listed locations include sites in Medley, Florida, Las Vegas, Nevada and Bangalore, India, with projected opening dates outside of the USA is UK 2022, India 2022, China 2022, and Australia 2023.


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