SolSource Sport Pack n’ Go Solar Grilling, a Perfect Choice for Adventurers and Chefs

The household air pollution from the traditional solid fuel causes various diseases such as lung, heart, and brain due to smoke inhalation. Over 4.3 million people die each year from this indoor air pollution while cooking across the world.

Women are the main victim of an unfavourable situation and bear the burden of finding solid fuel, cutting down trees, often at risk of personal injury.

A social organisation, One Earth Designs has the vision to help all people live well within the resources of our one earth. 


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Images credit: One Earth Designs

Founded in 2013, One Earth Designs has set a benchmark to become a global business, one of the top-ranked responsible businesses on B Corp’s Best for the World List. 

Their journey started out in the Himalayas and developed SolSource with nomadic families, as a solution to their challenges with deforestation and indoor air pollution.
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Images credit: One Earth Designs

Their easy to use, compact and portable invention, a 100% solar-powered grill called ‘SolSource’ has already improved the thousands of families to move away from indoor stoves and uplifted their health as well as financial condition.

The Kickstarter campaign is currently live for the newest revolutionary solar grill, the SolSource Sport, which delivers a whopping 1,000 watts of power, five times faster than charcoal grills and cooks a meal in just 10 minutes. 

It has recycled materials – a black aluminium base along with polymer reflective panels and powered by patented solar technology that converts around 92% of the Sun’s rays.

The SolSource Sport reaches 200°C! This means you can pan fry eggs, bacon and sausages, boil water to make coffee and tea or reheat food that you have prepared earlier.

“We are launching our innovative SolSource Sport model in response to the demand for a more portable solar-powered grill. SolSource Sport is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who need to travel light and for families who want to cook with the sun in small places or on-the-go.,” said Dr Catlin Powers, founder and CEO of One Earth Designs.

Using this pollution-free solar grill, you can enjoy your cooking without any harmful smoke and worry about health issues while cooking. Of course, it saves money, as there is no fuel requirement.

SolSource Sport is inspired by outdoor activities, so it is made of a much lighter material with a smaller reflector for portability and compactness.

The compact design of the SolSource Sport cooker enables it fits into two feet carrying case and weighs only 4.5 kgs (10 lbs). It is easy to clean, just wipe the mirrored surface with soap, warm water and a soft cloth.

The solar cooker is so cool to the touch – even while cooking – so you can wipe the reflector clean with ease at any time! 

The company has tested the SolSource Sport on a hill, in a valley and at the quayside. It is compatible with a wide range of camping and outdoor cookware without any special requirement.

Each SolSource Sport will also come with a lightweight, no frills carrying bag so you can take it anywhere and enjoy the outdoor events.


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