Solar Powered Home – 5 Things You Need to Know

Renewable energy methods are catching on for a variety of reasons. For most Australian homeowners, the ability to get free power from sunlight is the best incentive to make green changes. Solar panels are a great choice for alternative power production. If you’re looking to install some on your roof, here are some key points to take away.

Can your roof make use of panels?

Having solar panels on your roof is good in theory, but you have to take into account the practical aspects of the installation. What good are solar panels if your roof isn’t getting any sunlight? For obvious reasons, solar panels require a lot of sunlight in order to be effective. If your home is surrounded by tall trees, you can’t expect to get any more than a few hours of direct sunlight during the day. This can’t bode well for its electrical production.

The roof itself has to be in good shape for the idea to work. Installing panels on a faulty roof could lead to damage to the panels themselves and it could also cause issues down the road. Solar panel installation often comes with a warranty for the next twenty to twenty-five years. If you think your roof might need renovation before that, it would be wise to get it over with before you consider installing some panels.

They pay for themselves

Any investment in renewable power will prove itself to be efficient in the long run. Solar panels might cost a lot of money upfront, but they will provide you with the energy you need to power your home. The fact that they save money on utilities is one of the main reasons people are looking into solar panels for their homes.

Solar panels take a while to truly show their cost-saving benefits. It takes them a couple of years of continuous usage to offset the cost of installation. Luckily, you probably won’t have to wait that long to see good results. The Australian government offers subsidies for renewable sources and installations. There are also tax incentives to promote the spread of solar energy among private homeowners. Not only is this great for the spread of environmentally friendly energy methods, but it’s also very good for your investment.

Picking a size

You have to choose how many solar panels are going on your roof and how big they’re going to be. Solar panels don’t usually cover the whole roof, which is great if you still want your shingles to stand out. However, you have to be precise with your choice of panels.

Excess power is almost as much of a problem as a lack of power. There is such a thing as too much power in solar energy. Unless you have a bunch of batteries lying around, you don’t want to overdo your power production. Calculate how much power you’re going to need for your day-to-day needs and choose your panels accordingly.

Installing them isn’t difficult

Much of the installation process isn’t going to burden you. There are a lot of electrical parts involved, but that’s not going to be a problem for the electrical contractors from Wodonga that will help you with the installation. Dealing with electrical parts on your own isn’t recommended, as solar panels are a bit tricky to set up. The professionals are able to set the panels up for maximum efficiency and power generation without issue.

The only other thing you have to make room for is the generator. Consult your electrical contractors to find out the best location to place it. Try to stash it away somewhere that doesn’t see a lot of rainfall or snow.

They don’t require much maintenance

The best thing about solar panels is that they won’t need much of your attention. They’re a relatively independent source of energy. After they’re installed, you’re pretty much good by leaving them to do their job. They’re durable enough to last decades, so you can just reap the benefits of free solar power without having to replace them any time soon.

The only exception is the battery. Your solar generator has a battery that needs to be replaced every few thousand cycles. When it runs out of juice, the panels won’t be as effective. Still, it will be a long time before you even have to touch the battery.


Solar power is becoming more and more popular among Australian homeowners. It’s hard to argue against the results solar panels provide. You get a bunch of free power and you don’t have to take care of the panels themselves. As long as you get proper help with installing them, you’re basically set for life when it comes to electrical power.


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