What is all this Solar Installation Company Hype About?

The solar photovoltaic effect, also known as solar PV, has been around longer than most people realize. Like computers, many have experimented with the idea of alternative technology for centuries, but it wasn’t until recently that we’ve found it to become a useful invention from a technology and pricing standpoint.   

A Brief History of the Solar Cell

The first recorded instance of solar photovoltaic discovery dates back to 1839 with a French scientist by the name of Edmond Becquerel. Becquerel was a professor and physicist interested in photochemical effects, solar radiation, and how they affected electric light.   

At 19 he made the first photovoltaic cell in his father’s lab and the electrical voltage that it created initially became known as the “Becquerel effect.” However, the idea was inefficient, and the technology was not recognized as usable until about a century later after the invention of the transistor.   

Once the Industrial Revolution came along, many companies attempted to utilize solar power as an alternative means to run their factories and machines. However, the technology was slow in development and extremely expensive until NASA realized it’s potential as a power source.   

The space agency then began developing the idea further which in turn made it more cost-effective. With the energy crisis of 1970, the realization that light technology could be used for more than space exploration purposes peaked the public interest and solar started to become more widespread.   

Unfortunately, because of the lack of knowledge, specific location issues of installation, and the still relatively high prices of solar panels, the public has not entirely embraced the advantages of using solar until recent years. Today, many countries and areas are not only adopting the idea of solar but promoting it for its clean energy output.   

NJ Solar is one such place that realizes how important clean energy is today and the effect it will have on the future. New Jersey has become the second leading state in clean energy because of its many rebate programs.   

To promote the installation and use of clean power, they began offering incentives ranging anywhere from $100 to $1000 for homes and businesses as rewards for converting. Depending on the business or residency location and uses, people can get tax breaks, discounts, rebates for commercial properties, and more.   

Why it is Critical to find an Experienced Solar Installation Company 

Once you decide to go green, finding the right solar installation company for you is extremely important. Although the idea of researching companies that install a product you know nothing about may seem daunting, it shouldn’t be if you know what to expect and look out for.  

The most important part of any contracting industry is firstly knowing that they have the correct licensing and insurance. From the homeowner’s standpoint, this is essential to ensuring that they will get their money’s worth and are covered by their insurance if anything goes wrong.   

What is all this Solar Installation Company Hype About

  It is also critical when looking at solar power installations because the rebates that come along with a clean energy system in New Jersey are very attractive. If the solar installation company is unqualified for the installment, then so could be the homeowner’s refunds.   

The second biggest issue with solar installation is that it is designed explicitly for the home, the location, and the family that lives there. For this reason, solar energy is tricky and pricey from the start. An installer must be competent in design and their surroundings in order to produce the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing design.   

Solar panels must be able to fit the roof of the house, to capture the sun’s angles, and to hold up through any trauma they may experience. Because of this, a local installation company is usually the best choice because of their knowledge of the weather in the area and what types of panels you will need for long-lasting durability.   

An experienced company will also take the needs of the family into account. A larger family may use a lot of electricity, especially depending on the time of year, while a couple that frequently travels won’t need as large a system.   

However, if the couple has the money to invest in a more extensive operation and is wanting to sell their home in the near future, they may be inclined to pay for something more substantial in order to up their home value or make more money back.   

Make Money with NJ Solar

NJ Solar makes your business their business by offering you a dedicated solar installation company that works with you and for you. With the many incentives that homeowners are offered, it is no wonder that energy installers have also found the best way to make themselves some extra profit.   

Many offer leasing along with the installation, but this means that the company keeps your (SRECs) Solar Renewable Energy Credits. By installing only the most advanced system designed specifically for your home, they are actually saving you money and hassle in the long run.


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