Solar Flask – A Portable Solar Device for Your Camp and Emergency Applications

Like your morning tea or coffee, cooking favorite foods, need a night light when camping? Solar Flask introduces a portable solar renewable hot water system for your adventurous camping that allows you to quickly boil water and other applications using the Sun energy.  

Portable Solar Flask

An Indiegogo fund-raising campaign of Solar Flask, designed by Gary Brown from Colorado, is currently live for a goal of $ 64,000 to develop and get this product going. 

The entire product is multi-use and multi-compatible due to its interchangeable parts concept that will allow you to boil water, cook food, and use as a solar night light.


Images source: Solar Flask  

It has been designed with future uses in mind and will be offered as OEM compatibility. It provides an affordable renewable means of heating water efficiency without using gas, electricity or fossil fuels.  


Images source: Solar Flask  

After many months of work, Gary has finally designed the product concept using Fresnel lenses, and he installed a convex lens inside of Fresnel lens to acquire even more efficiency.  

The main purpose of solar flask is for boiling water using integrated Fresnel lenses in cylinder walls to super heat flask contents, allowing other uses such as making stews, soups any recipe you wish to cook up.  

The upper cap can be changed out for a solar powered night light so that main cylinder can be changed into a lamp for night use.  

The cap can also hold a candelabra to hang hotdogs to solar cook them and also be used as Shish Ka Bob. A stainless steel cage enables to hold vegetables for cooking application.  

The solar flask could be used for remote areas camping applications such as boiling water, cooking, night lighting, a thermoelectric generator to produce energy, and has huge potential for emergency situations and developing nations where energy is not easily available.   

The conceptual design of the solar flask is completed and he needs funds to build out the solar flask.  

Gary has built at least 50 websites including a site for a solar flask that will better explain what and how solar Flask will work and its overall flexibility. (Source: Solar Flask)


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