Sol-Chip’s Breakthrough Wireless Solar Tag Improves Precision Agriculture and Irrigation

As technology advances, farmers now have access to an increasing amount of data related to every aspect of their fields using precision farming.

The precision agriculture is not new, as it has already been deployed around the world. It brings computing’s accuracy to the ancient art of cultivation.

Images Credit: Sol-Chip

The farmers and growers generally use remote sensing data, satellite imaging, variable rate technology, and drones to improve efficiency and cost competitiveness of their crops.

Now Sol Chip, a worldwide leading energy harvesting Israeli company, introduces a new way to communicate with your field that can boost yields and save money.

The company recently rolled out the Sol Chip Communication Platform (SCC) which includes an autonomous, wireless, solar tag for enabling precision agriculture and irrigation.

“Precision agriculture is definitely the future of agriculture. Sol Chip has the right approach that will turn the promises of precision agriculture and smart irrigation into reality,” said Abi Schweitzer, CTO at Netafim, the global leader in smart drip and micro-irrigation solutions.

How does it work?

A wireless solar tag can be connected to a sensor and the system then sends data from the sensor to a central hub where it can be sent to the web. 

Image Credit: Sol-Chip

It integrates all the required components in a single power & communication module — to harvest and supply sustainable solar energy to low-power applications and to provide autonomous communication.

It measures every parameter needed to provide your crops with all the optimal conditions such as – soil moisture, air temperature and humidity, soil nutrients level, Sun radiation and much more.

It powers by the Sun’s energy and it could save up to 50% water consumption and is maintenance free for 10 years and more.

As a wireless device, SCC eliminates the significant costs and time associated with deploying and maintaining wires to connect the deployed sensors. 

SCC’s small size makes the product easy to install and move around any agriculture-related environment. (Source: Sol-Chip)


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