4 Tips to Create a Social Media Strategy for Content Marketing

Social media management and marketing have become the staple of successful online brands as well as big businesses and start-ups. With hundreds of millions combined active monthly users within social media platforms, massive lead generation becomes incredibly easy granted that the proper tools are utilized. 

The top-performing social media brands all have one thing in common: virality. Their content is seen by millions of viewers on a daily basis and their boosted posts often show up higher on viewers’ social media feeds. Some medium-performing online brands have also mastered the art of attaining a decent close percentage through the utilization of effective marketing tools on the internet.

Among literally thousands of software programs and internet browser add-ons that boost social media capabilities and reach, there are only a few that truly stand out. Website development, traffic and data management, email marketing, and automated (scheduled) posts are some of the most efficient ways to creating a social media plan for content marketing which you’ll be learning more about.

In addition to starting a business is the implementation of various assets (content marketing system) that can dramatically increase revenue and profit. Content can be posted anywhere on the web and to make that same content viral by the proper use of digital marketing surely takes further effort and leverage. Designing a social media marketing strategy is based on several business goals that pertain to that business. However, any business, large or small, may apply these four tips to increase productivity and profitability.

1. Website Development

Social media for content marketing isn’t only about simply closing whoever lands on your website for profit; it’s about thinking “long-term” and to get internet users to discuss your brand/product on the internet. Achieving this results in virality; which increases traffic to your page. 

Increasing website and engagement entails a user-friendly website for both desktop and mobile users where they are able to connect with you with the tap of a button. Using a streamlined website and landing page builder (WordPress, Joomla, ClickFunnels, etc.), you are able to provide potential customers with a quick and fast way to access any and all of your content as well as to connect with you and start a conversation. Building brand loyalty and customer relationship ought to be a company’s number one customer-centric goal.

2. Website Traffic and Data

Obtaining traffic is easy enough with today’s technology for any business owner. And having a solid flow of traffic entails data that contain elements which can improve business strategy. Adjusting advertisements according to user data not only improves their success rate, but it also gives insight and reference for future social media campaigns. Various tools and software online can be downloaded, free and paid. Although, many of these analytics tools are actually built into the social media platforms themselves like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and Facebook Insights that show and expand on engagement and viewer data.

Demographic info, average daily views, interests, hashtag relevancy, trending topics, location, and engagement rates are all incredibly useful data that, when implemented, can turn a five-figure content marketing business into a six or seven-figure content marketing business. 

3. Email Marketing

Having a steady flow of traffic on your social media and website is almost futile if you do not collect user email addresses. Because at this day and age, email marketing has the power to at least double your revenue. A statistics indicate that more than 281 billion emails are sent and received daily and with billions of email addresses that have been generated since the creation of the internet, getting in on even the smallest fraction of that is pivotal for your content marketing business.

Here is a tried and true email marketing strategy that is sure to at least double your business profit and revenue. One thing about email marketing is that to maintain a customer-base, you must stick to relevant topics within your niche/industry. 

So go ahead and inject an email-gatherer tool into your website and social media; send out the emails and watch as your business booms like the fourth of July.

4. Automated Posts

What if I said you could post to all of your business social media accounts (FB, IG, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.) at once? Online CMS tools are famous for the capability of scheduling content posts to chosen social media platforms. Also, you may reply to comments, reviews, and questions in the user hub; which saves an incredible amount of time (which is money). These tools also provide analytics data for business use.

Content marketing has never been simpler, especially with the widespread use of social media networks online. Applying these four tips will up your game and get you a ticket to the top of your niche/ industry.

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