Social Media and SEO Tips for Influencer Marketing

Influencers make up a large portion of those on social media. Between 2019 and 2021, the money these types of influencers helped organizations earn doubled. It increased from $6.5 million to $13 million. (Image: Liza Summer from Pexels)

This was done through a combination of resilience, determination, and skills. For the latter, both social media and SEO knowledge are critical to attracting the right audiences. A lack of understanding of these items makes it hard to even get started.

To help you take the first steps toward this industry, here are some social media and SEO tips for influencer marketing.

Maximize Your Influencer Partnerships

The partnerships you make as an influencer do two things. First, they direct you toward the products and services you promote. Second, it generates passive income. Unfortunately, the latter can produce a low outcome if the right partnership isn’t established.

You need to work with an individual or company willing to maximize their connection with you. Those that utilize spreadsheets and other basic tools might not have this. On the other hand, organizations that utilize a form of partnership cloud probably have a better idea about their direction.

Several internet-based companies, including Impact, offer this form of enterprise resource planning (ERP). Partners that use it can follow the influencer process from recruitment to maximizing promotion commissions. Available for use on any platform since it’s on the cloud, an influence marketer and company can stay in constant contact.

Select The Right Social Media Platforms

There are plenty of social media platforms currently in operation. However, they aren’t all right for influencer marketing. For example, a site like Facebook tends to be a weaker one for this type of affiliate promotion. Conversely, an image-heavy site like Instagram is a better fit.

You want to choose social media sites that fit the products you’re attempting to influence. For example, a business-oriented item, perhaps a book, fits on a site like LinkedIn. A service for millennials might be better on a site like TikTok.

Of all these social media platforms, the one that should always be utilized is YouTube. We have been a visual society since the first cave person drew an image on a rock wall. It continues today. YouTube works well for influencer marketing because it mixes both audio and visuals.

Go Beyond The Standards Of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the way influencer marketers get their reviews and promotions to the top of a site like Google Chrome. Certain combinations of words trigger browser algorithms to rank your items higher in search results than others.

However, SEO is more than chaining a dozen words together. It’s finding a unique combination that doesn’t get lost among other setups. It also involves the structure of blogs and advertisements.

Here are a few things to consider with SEO:

● Sentences must be 20 words or less.
● Paragraphs should be three to four sentences at the max.
● Use active verbs instead of passive ones.
● Add backlink URL and internal links or anchors.
● Use keywords in your URL.

Create Professional Social Media Content

Potential customers don’t take you seriously as an influencer if your social media content isn’t professional. Poor sound and light quality and lack of preparation don’t draw in customers. Instead, it makes you an example of what not to do for other influencer marketers.

It isn’t hard in today’s world to make professional content for social media. USB-based lights and microphones enhance what people see and hear on videos. Templates available via PowerPoint or Google Slides transform a simple presentation into one filled with animated moments.

However, what’s really important is how you portray yourself in social media content. A video filled with “umms,” “errs,” and long pauses frustrate your potential customers and your partner. Practice your presentation ahead of time. If there any mistakes, then utilize one of the available online editing tools to clear up the video and audio for a highly professional look.

Are you ready to start on the path of influencer marketing? If so, the first step is to review the social media and SEO tips above. Take your time to implement them so you don’t stress out. If you do this, then you’ll be more than ready when you want to take on this passive income operation.


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