Social Media Audit at NetBase Quid Gives You More Data to Build Your Social Marketing Strategy

Social media audit is the process of researching social platforms and digging deeper into the brand data using data from research reports. It helps understand the consumer dynamics and overall consumer behavior across social channels, correlating this to business, brand, and demographic aspects.

NetBase Quid utilizes analytic technologies to assess social media presence and see where consumers have been visiting websites and which pages they are visiting. This helps businesses to determine if their website is responsive to social media engagement and if visitors are qualified leads.

NetBase Quid software is built on the premise that consumers are our customers. As such, our product works by analyzing social media metrics (monetization, traffic, engagement, shares, sentiment, time spent) to uncover any significant trends or changes in consumer behavior. While other consumer intelligence platforms focus only on results from public accounts, NetBase Quid focuses on engagement on the consumer’s personal account(s).

When we saw how social media can impact consumer’s purchasing habits, we decided to create a new analytics suite that could get to know our customers as well as the competitors they choose to follow.

Why Does Your Product Matter?

In the past, brand managers focused on media mix and promotions to reach target audiences. This led to a two-way street, with messages pushed out into the ether and only those who were interested in a particular brand receiving those messages. The online arena brought a new challenge, in that consumers were aware of the presence of different brands.

The only difference is that they had become accustomed to seeing brands promoting themselves on social media, which would have felt unnatural to consumers a few years back. This is where NetBase Quid comes into the picture, enabling you to collect and use online data to better understand and reach your target audiences.

Purpose of a Social Media Audit

Brand team gathers data to understand how customers interact with its content It’s a process of inspecting and evaluating all online accounts, pages and profiles for top social trends, information that drives engagement and influence. You can find Top Social Media Profiles and Pages for your company using NetBase Quid and complete the social media audit quickly and easily, compare your results to your competitors and measure your impact. Here are some facts.

  • Did you know 60% of your online marketing data is gone after 60 days?
  • Did you know 48% of all consumers can recognize your brand without seeing it in a store or on a billboard?
  • Would you know what areas of your business to invest in to improve your brand awareness?

NetBase Quid is an all-in-one information technology solution to monitor online marketing. Social media audit is a quantitative measurement of social network and content participation across a defined set of social media channels, across a defined time interval, across a defined set of geographies. NetBase Quid performs this measurement and provides trend analysis and qualitative insight.

NetBase Quid Benefits

Quid analyzes social media accounts by analyzing people’s accounts, messages, topics and conversations. It identifies and measures the success of marketing efforts to help you identify your best prospects and improve your customer interaction with them. Quid provides insights that focus on identifying core opportunities and by monitoring competitor social media; you can better understand who’s responding to your content and what’s connecting with them.

Why NetBase Quid?

The platform uses data analytics and web analytical tools to monitor social media accounts, identifying the distribution, visibility, number, and frequency of their posts. NetBase Quid focuses on helping you understand consumers by mining and visualizing social media engagement, and a single dashboard report on relevant and actionable metrics including unique visitors, social interactions, organic reach, paid click-through rate, bounce rate, and comments.


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