Social Initiative Transformed Homemakers to Solar Entrepreneurs in India

Things are changing for women due to upliftment initiatives from various corporate, social organization and the governments around the world.

A classic example – Dungarpur region in the Rajasthan state of India that is going to have the first locally-owned Solar Module Manufacturing Plant which would be fully owned and operated by tribal women.
Image source: TOI
It aims to provide employment to 30,000 women. It will manufacture solar products ranging from 1 to 300 watts!
The plant will have a capacity to harvest up to 2 megawatts of solar energy. It’s a joint venture of the state government, IIT-Bombay, and Rajeevika. 
This was a unique initiative that empowered local women, from a tribal and one of the most backward blocks of Rajasthan, to earn their livelihoods by becoming solar entrepreneurs and a roaring success for Rajeevika entrusted with the task of generating livelihoods.
It’s a much-needed initiative of the era for India and the world to use green energy, also it supports smaller class. 
This kind of projects needs to bring by the government in a bigger space to support and upliftment of the rural families.


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