6 Tips to Choosing a Smartphone Stabilizer

Currently, the stabilizer market is composed of many models. They each offer advantages, there is something for everyone and for every budget. But how to choose your stabilizer? How to choose the stabilizer that will meet your needs?  

Define your needs

What characteristics are important to you? What use will you make of it? If you want to film long sequences, it is imperative to opt for a lightweight model, with a long battery life or the possibility of changing the battery. 

If you’re in danger of using it in the rain, be sure to check that the model you want is splashproof or immersible. Also, if you want to be able to take it everywhere with you, choose an ultra-compact model. 

Or, if you want to use it with your smartphone as well as your sports camera, choose a model that offers the ability to adapt.

6 Tips to Choosing a Smartphone Stabilizer

In summary, define the use you want to make, and therefore the characteristics that are important to you.  


One of the essential criteria when buying a stabilizer is autonomy. When you start shooting, no one wants his stabilizer to release after 10 min. Most products offer an acceptable autonomy: between 1h and 5h. There are some that offer a record time of up to 18h. It’s up to you to see how long you want it.  

The weight

The important point is the weight. If you are shooting long sequences of more than 20 minutes, it is important to focus on a lightweight model that will limit fatigue. This way, you’ll be able to shoot longer without getting tired. Some model offers detachable handle. This reduces the weight of the Gimbal and is more versatile.  

Features and options

Some models, in addition to improving the quality of your image, offer options. If you want to achieve nice effects such as timelapse, hyperlapse, slow panoramas, zoom control, you can move towards a model like the reliability, issues with balancing EVO SHIFT. Others offer the possibility to connect in Bluetooth to use the stabilizer as a command. Still, others can connect to an external display engine. Finally, some stabilizers resist splashing or are immersible. It’s up to you to see which one interests you and which ones are indispensable.  

The structure of the stabilizer

If your camera is a GoPro, choose a small stabilizer that offers more versatility as Zhiyun Smooth-Q. The lightness is an aspect to take into account, as the quality of the handle that must offer a good grip. There are stabilizers with a shoulder pad, which greatly reduces the tremors, convenient for heavier stabilizers (including the stabilizers reflex or camera). They are very pleasant to wear but often a little more expensive. If you film a lot, they will quickly pay off.  

The budget

As said before, one can find stabilizers for all budgets. And the most expensive does not necessarily mean the one that suits you best. However, for a quality stabilizer, you can see smartphone stabilizers comparison, it will still have an average of one hundred euros.

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