Your Smartphone protection guide for Poco M2 pro

Smartphones are the love of our lives. The next question is, out of the zillion trillion smartphone case options, which one do you have to go with. No worries at all, we’ve got it all covered for you.

Make sure you go through this guide before you walk out to get your smartphone cover

Carbon fibre cases

Other than looking stylish, rugged and classy, the textured surface of this case provides a superior grip to your hand, reducing the chances of your phone slipping. And the most important factor while looking for a phone case is its grip as you don’t want your phone to fall off. They come at an affordable price which make them the best choice for your mobile case.

Leather wallet mobile cover

This mobile cover servers multipurpose use. It covers your mobile up and down with a flap on your screen and at the same time, it has slots on the back side where you can store your cards, cash, IDs, tickets. With this cover, you’ll have one less thing to carry that is your wallet. Also, leather is known to be durable and soft which makes it comfortable to hold your phone for a long time. 

One drawback : leather might cost you more but if you are okay with that, make sure you check the leather quality before you buy it and you’ll be just fine.

TPU mobile covers

TPU i.e. Thermoplastic Polyurethane mobile case is the best-seller in the market, thanks to its amazing quality and durability. These cases are made of plastic, elastic and rubber. These are designed to protect your phone from fierce collisions and high level damage. One huge plus point about TPU cases is that they are slim and easy to fit in your jeans and jackets. Surely a best buy.

Rugged cases

You can expect these mobile covers to carry a bit of weight and look a little unattractive but they are everlasting. The best part: there are many options in this category for you to escape the heavy and boring part about these cases. The plasma series by UAG is reputed for its feather light and transparent mobile covers. At the same time, these cases are military drop tested, with a perfect grip and honeycomb design that makes the protection level cross high bars

Designer Silicone mobile covers

This one’s for all the social butterflies who keep posting mirror selfies. These covers are transparent yes, but they have a beautiful decal designs on them and you can choose what suits your personality the best. Cute animals, quirky quotes and what not. Silicone cases are known to be thin and very flexible. They might not be as durable as a heavy metal case but if you are a frequent changer, it’s a fun option

Symmetry cases

These cases are for those of you who are planning to make a one-time investment while buying the mobile case. Symmetry cases are certified with DROP+, which is the third level of military drop protection cases. This means that your phone can survive a few front side landings too. If you travel in crowd or are a rough person in general, this case will never let you and your phone down. Unless you hammer it of course.

Bumper cases

For the best level of protection, it is essential to select a mobile case that is made of a shock-absorbent material such as silicone or rubber. Bumper cases are a good option.


This is it. You are all set to head out to the store and get your Poco M2 Pro back cover. We just saved you from buying your phone cover ignorantly or indecisively. Most of us take this too lightly and settle for whatever we can find at the minimal rate but again it’s the wrong thing to do. Phone repairs can be really expensive or you might even have to buy a new one just because you didn’t pay enough attention while reading this article.

We have summarized the entire Poco M2 Pro back cover. research in this article. We hope you get the best out of it and choose the perfect cover for your phone.

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