The Smartest Way in Which Startups Can Stay Debt-free

The Smartest Way in Which Startups Can Stay Debt-free

Startups always launch small with the help of brilliant minds minting dreams and hopes. It is going to sound really cool until and unless you start realizing that these brilliant minds are actually looking after all the different aspects that are associated with the startup. 

Startups are known to have a lot more workload when compared with the established enterprises or corporations. When you are running your business in an independent manner, you will require guts as well as proper objectives. No matter how hard you try, from one place or the other insurmountable debts try to seep within your business. 

This will lead to an extra headache. Moreover, startups are also known to pay the multiple creditors all over the month with different kinds of premiums as well as varied interest rates. This is responsible for shifting the focus to only paying debts. 

With time, the debts will become more important than your actual business. It has been observed that most of the founders start scrounging almost every penny in order to clear the debts.

Startups can plan to stay out of debt if they follow certain debt consolidation tips. Given below are few of the tips with the help of which the smart startups can stay out of debt. Moreover, startups can also experience a huge growth in their business if they follow all these tips properly.

Becoming organized

The primary thing that you have to do if you are the founder is prioritizing all your payments as well as bills. A number of companies of credit cards are known to charge a huge rate of interest. You should stop making use of the costliest credit cards and pay as early as possible. 

Similarly, you should go through the utility bills as well. Consider if you can use one less desktop for saving a huge amount of money. You can introduce “Earth Hours” in your office if you feel that it is necessary. During these hours, employees should not be using any kind of electrical appliance, which are known to consume power directly.   Taxes and payrolls should always be right at the beginning of the finance list. You need to understand that you cannot escape this maze without paying your employees. 

Try to collect all the small bills. Without even your realizing, smaller bills can help in filing the tax returns. At the end of one year, you will be able to save a lot of money if you have behaved in an organized manner throughout the year.

Trying debt consolidation

Startups will always be provided with the alternative of consolidating the loans before they have started to become uncontrollable. You have to take a proper care of management, administrative, as well as the accounting aspects associated with your startup business. 

Outsourcing the worries related to your debt to reliable companies is one of the best and brilliant ways in which you can get out of this unwanted mess. A few things need to be fulfilled before you get loans from renowned consolidation companies present in your locality.

These things include:

  • Your business should be minimum 6 months.
  • You need to have a credit score of 500 or even more.
  • You should be capable of showing a genuine annual turn around.

It is also important to understand that this may vary from one debt consolidation company to another. Credit unions and banks are known to have requirements that are more stringent. For instance, both of them require a credit score of 650 and more, along with a business experience of 1 year. 

Since almost all the startup owners have to pay a lot of loans, the credit score that is expected is not very high but has to be acceptable. You can go through reputed websites like to know more about debt consolidation loans.

Advantages that a Startup can enjoy after going for a consolidation loan

There are a number of advantages that a startup can enjoy after they select debt consolidation loans. All the loan agreements are known to come with a set of advantages for each and every startup business. It is crucial that you enjoy the benefits by opting for a debt consolidation loan right now!

Given below is a list of the benefits that will be enjoyed by the startup businesses.

  • Lower payments: This is undoubtedly an interesting benefit that is enjoyed by the startup businesses after they collate all the small loans to a bigger one, thereby taking out a particular amount for paying all the lenders at one time. If you see that a particular creditor has a prepayment penalty, as the founder, you have the option of speaking with the loan consolidation company for paying the loans monthly or in accordance with the repayment terms. With one loan to pay along with an extended period of repayment, the startup businesses get a breathing time.


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