Smart Technology Works for Older People, Too

When we reach a certain age, we need to embrace the fact that we’re no longer capable of doing things the same way we used to. We’re more and more dependent on other people when we’re past our prime. Some senior citizens have trouble getting used to this. That’s where smart technology can jump right in – various smartphone apps and gadgets make life a lot easier for golden-agers. (Image source)

These items can help those ’long in the tooth’ to overcome the obstacles of living alone. At the same time, smart technology offers peace of mind for friends and family of those who are senescent.

So, what are some of the newest tech trends that older people can benefit from?

Smartphones and Tablets

These 21st-century gadgets are probably the most widespread. There are numerous things that older people can do with either smartphones or tablets. They can talk to their loved ones on camera, send and receive images, play games, etc. But their friends and family can also monitor their activities using smartphone monitoring apps and GPS location tracking.

However, there are potential downsides of smartphones and tablets being used for monitoring. First of all, the battery life can be a real problem. What if something happens and the battery is completely drained? On top of that, if you intend to provide an older person with a smartphone or a tablet solely for the purpose of monitoring them, there are serious chances that the person won’t know how to use that particular gadget properly.

Personal Medical Alarm

Another smart technology gadget that makes everyone’s life a lot easier is a personal medical alarm. There are a number of benefits of a medical alert system, which include the following:

● They are affordable and enable privacy. Older people who would like to stay independent and away from nursing homes can benefit the most from these devices.

● They are easy to setup and use. Companies like National Health Australia offer easy to use alarm systems that can trigger the alarm with only one push of a button in case of an emergency. This really comes in handy for seniors who don’t want to use smartphones or tablets since they’re too complicated to handle.

● The battery life is significantly longer in these devices. This is another advantage of personal medical alarm systems over smartphones and tablets.

● The device automatically sends an SMS in case of an emergency, thus offering peace of mind to the loved ones.

Health Trackers / Smart Wearable Devices

Older people who live by themselves can monitor their heart rate, sleep patterns, fitness activities and levels with wearable health trackers. Their loved ones can also access this data which helps everyone stay on track in regards to the current state of affairs.

Seniors can also benefit from these gadgets since these can both motivate and challenge them to increase their activity levels each day. The heart rate monitor warns them in case the heart rate goes beyond recommended for their age group and overall health status. If you’re an older person, just make sure to stay within these limits. Remember that these are primarily fitness devices, and while staying fit is important, your overall well-being should be a number one priority.

Medication Reminder

For those senior citizens who need to take certain medication every day, medication reminders are a great solution. These digital pill dispensers are probably the safest since they only unlock the dose for the day. For instance, when the dispenser flashes, it’s time to take the pills. If a person didn’t take the pills, it beeps again to remind a person to take them.

If you’re a caregiver, just fill the medicine tray that goes into the device. Afterward, you can monitor if the person actually took the pills or not. This device minimizes the chances of skipping doses or taking more pills than prescribed.


It’s no secret that everyone can benefit from the rapid rise in the use of technology. And although senior groups are often times considered to be reluctant to follow the newest tech trends, sometimes we just need to show them how these things can work to their advantage.

Smartphone and tablets are a great way for them to stay in touch with friends and family members. They can also offer help in living independently. On the other hand, devices like personal medical alarms and medication reminders are specifically designed to assist the elderly in everyday situations and potentially dangerous or life-threatening moments. If you have senior family members make sure to explain to them all the benefits of using smart technology.


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