Five Reasons Why a Smart Lock Is the Best Way to Start Your Smart Home Upgrade

Smart home technology has become incredibly popular as of late, thanks to the likes of many different brands, devices, and systems. Ask just about anyone and they’ll be able to tell you something — anything really — that constitutes a smart “connected” device. 

There are the more obvious choices like smart home assistants via Amazon Echo or Google Home. There are smart security cameras and baby monitoring systems. There are even smart appliances like smart refrigerators or smart washer and dryers.

Five Reasons Why a Smart Lock Is the Best Way to Start Your Smart Home Upgrade

When looking to bring your home to the modern age you could choose any one of these great technologies, but we recommend something else. The best place to start is with a smart door lock.

Why? Well, for starters, it’s the window into your home… or something like that. And since it’s the first thing you’ll interact with — outside of maybe a garage door — it’s one of the best elements to sync up with your home network.

Here are five reasons why upgrading your deadbolt to a smart lock is the best way to start your smart home upgrade:

1. Smart Locks Are Super Convenient

Ever had your hands full while trying to fumble with a physical key, unlock your door and then push it open? What about trying to coordinate access to your home with friends and family when you’re going out of town? And how many times have couriers left an expensive package on your doorstep almost all day?

Five Reasons Why a Smart Lock Is the Best Way to Start Your Smart Home Upgrade
Five Reasons Why a Smart Lock Is the Best Way to Start Your Smart Home Upgrade

All of these things can be remedied with a smart door lock, believe it or not.

A smart lock will pair with a mobile app on your phone, allowing you to do several unique things that a conventional deadbolt cannot. When arriving home you can unlock simply through the app or by bringing your phone near it. 

You can provide temporary or permanent digital keys, for instance, to friends and family — with full control over how they work, mind you. You can also unlock the door for mail and delivery couriers so they can leave packages inside, even while you’re miles away at work.

Pair it with a smart video doorbell for the ultimate front door or entry experience!

Five Reasons Why a Smart Lock Is the Best Way to Start Your Smart Home Upgrade

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2. You Can Still Use Physical Keys

Afraid you won’t be able to get inside your home when the power is out or your smart lock runs out of battery power? There are some locks that eliminate a physical key entirely, but there are others that still include support. Many of the Schlage brand smart locks, for instance, will still allow you to use a physical key in addition to digital accessibility options.

Just because you embrace the new, doesn’t mean you have to abandon the old — if you don’t want to, anyway!

3. Real-Time Monitoring

Nearly all the smart lock apps and systems will track user access and events so that you can review what’s happening in your home. If a friend or family member enters your home, for example, you can see what time they unlocked the door and entered and what time they left. 

You can even tell exactly who it is through custom codes and keys. This is especially great if you have someone pet-sitting and you want to make sure they’re actually visiting your home while you’re away.

This also allows you to take action when necessary. Some locks have a tamper-alarm that will sound when someone is trying to crack the lock or enter random codes to gain access. This is more than a conventional deadbolt, and even gives you ample time to contact the authorities if you notice something strange going on.

Again, pair the smart lock with a smart video doorbell and you can actually see what’s going at your home’s entry point. 

4. They’re Secure

Initially, it does seem concerning connecting a non-network device to the open internet and effectively allowing anyone to access your home. But smart home locks are quite secure, especially compared to the alternative. 

Do you hide a physical key under the welcome mat or somewhere nearby? Imagine the chaos that would ensue if a stranger discovered it.

Furthermore, if you want to give someone a key you don’t have to make a physical copy. If you revoke said key, you don’t have to go changing the locks either. It can all be done digitally, via mobile access and apps. If you have a property listed on AirBnB or a similar sharing service then smart locks are a godsend!

In many cases, smart locks actually offer more protection than conventional “dumb” deadbolts.

5. They Look Great

Admittedly, one of the main reasons you choose any smart home device won’t be due to appearance, but this is a great bonus. We have yet to see a smart lock that is ugly or unsightly. 

In fact, some of the more popular options from Kevo, Schlage, August, and even Yale look fantastic — even better when installed on your door!

You can’t say the same for even a high-grade deadbolt. They just look like… well, door locks.

What Are You Waiting for?

Are you still here? There are plenty of smart locks — and other smart home devices — awaiting your review. Before you snag that smart home coffee maker you’ve been looking at, maybe consider getting a smart lock and smart video doorbell combo instead?

You can thank us later.


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