Slate Scale – A device that monitors the calories and helps to lose your weight

Two Calgarians Rana Varma and Teddy Seyed have invented an innovative device ‘Slate Scale’ that tracks your food intake and helps to reduce your weight. 

There are already dozens of smartphone apps that keep track of calorie consumption, but Slate Scale is different in that it uses a portable Bluetooth scale to help you obtain a more accurate snapshot of your diet.
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The unique of Slate Scale is its accuracy, it calculates with precision so you know exactly what you are consuming. Simply enter in your personal target, and Slate keeps track of the rest.
It helps in monitoring the Calorie, Protein, Carbs, Fat & many more. It also consumes very less energy as Slate can last for a month on a single charge and goes into sleep mode when idle.

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Have a some room left in your daily calorie count, slate also provides easy and quick recipes sorted by calorie, just pick and get the instructions on how to quickly put it together and voila, you will be exactly where you want to be! (show daily tracker hit the desired calorie limit)
“Slate is exactly what I needed to track my nutrition down to the nearest calorie!” – Helen M
“What Slate Scale does is it enables people to track to the nearest calorie, to get an understanding of what their intake is,” explained co-founder Rana Varma. Currently, the app only exists as a prototype, but Varma hopes to launch a crowdfunding campaign in August.
Slate is equipped with a load cell that can weigh up to 2 pounds, pairs flawlessly with your smartphone, has a stainless steel plate with supporting ABS plastic, and comes with an environmentally friendly rechargeable battery that can last up to 1 month. We are planning to integrate our app with several API’s such as myFitnessPal, healthkit, fitbit and even Leafly.
“75% of losing weight is attributed to diet, using Slate was a no brainer.” – Dylan G 
Slate comes with a free app for both the iOS and Android platforms which acts as the engine behind all the nutritional information that is tailored to your preferences, goals, targets and achievements. As reported in Globalnews, Rane Varma said the plan is for the app to be free, but the scale to cost somewhere between $50 and $65.
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Credit: Slate Scale
Sign up at their website Slate Scale and enter in a chance to win a Slate scale for free!

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