Silymarin- The Best Natural Weapon To Boost And Detoxify Liver

There is no denying the importance of liver as an organ in human body. It regulates waste management in body and also detoxifies blood.   

Besides, this organ also makes chemicals that aid the human body in breaking down consumed food. With time, the functionality of the liver may get affected by several factors and a malfunctioning liver can pave way for a number of ailments.   

Thankfully, you can resort to natural extracts to boost liver health and eradicate risk of liver related ailments.   

Silymarin- for rejuvenating the liver  

Silymarin is a wonderful and effective product that can be used to boost liver functioning and improve liver health. Over the years, the benefits of using Silymarin have been accepted by the medical community at large. Silymarin, made from seeds of the milk thistle plant is shown to stimulate liver regeneration. Milk thistle is a plant with proven medicinal properties and it has been used since ancient ages to heal a number of ailments in humans. Silymarin contains some flavonoids and flavonolignans which have strong antioxidant properties.

How it helps the liver  

Silymarin usage is shown to stimulate liver regeneration in several adults. It reportedly strengthens liver’s outer membrane. So, that thwarts several toxic compounds from infiltrating the organ.In some people afflicted with hepatitis, using Silymarin supplements has led to improvement in liver cell regeneration. It has also been used to treat liver toxicity.  

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Silymarin- Additional health benefits  

Using Silymarin supplements brings you additional health benefits apart from rejuvenating liver health. In lab tests it has shown anti-inflammatory properties. Silymarin has also been found to benefit people who are afflicted with diabetes. Such people have experienced reduced blood sugar levels after trying this supplement. However, enough scientific studies need to be conducted before Silymarin can be recommended for such needs. 

Safety of using Silymarin  

In most instances, using Silymarin supplements is thought to be safe. However, in some individuals, some side effects have been found. Lactating mothers, as well as pregnant women, should take it only after talking with doctors. It can cause interaction with some medications and stomach discomfort may occur in some persons.

This supplement acts as a mild laxative. So some people using it may have to cope with diarrhea and bloating a times. However, the side effects are not severe in nature and they subside when you stick to recommended dosage. 

Choosing the apt Silymarin supplement  

Nowadays, you can find quite a number of Silymarin supplements on market, and picking the right one is necessary for benefitting the liver. The amount of Silymarin may be varying from one such supplement to another. Generally, these are sold in capsule forms. In some capsules, the concentration can be as high as 80 percent. Other forms include powder, tincture, and tea. However, using tea form is not much helpful as Silymarin has below average water solubility.  

It is always best that you adhere to prescribed dosage instruction of the manufacturer. Lower and even higher concentrations are also available. While no optimal dosage is available, talking with a doctor may be helpful.


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