Signs and LED Screens: The Future of Communication

New formats of advertising on the move with text, videos, and images have left behind the old static formats. Today, consumers want to receive our full-color advertising offers. And a solution to this type of claims are electronic signs and LED screens.
Reinventing Advertising: LED Screens

If we walk by any commercial street in our city, we will be surrounded by color screens with which the big chains dazzle us. But not only in stores or commercial spaces can we find this type of advertising. More and more we can find billboards in other spaces, such as roads, where images and colors speak for themselves.

Videos, images, dynamic texts … .. everything that comes to mind can come to life through a led screen.

Image source: MindSpace Digital Signage


LED screens are indicated both for the exterior and the interior, thanks to their brightness adjustment. This allows us to see the image perfectly in broad daylight. In addition, they are resistant to any climatic incidence. The combination of these two qualities makes them perfect for any space.

The image quality of a LED screen depends on the density of light points (pixels) that make it up. Therefore, the resolution (number of pixels per square meter) represents the highest quality element in a graphic image. The higher the number of luminous points, or higher resolution, the better image quality will be obtained.


PIXEL SMD (Surface Mount Device or device mounted directly on the surface of the board) is composed of micro leds of the last generation and small size.

If our LED screen is going to be installed indoors, we do not need so much luminosity, since they will not have to endure sunlight. Thanks to this, the LEDs used in this type of screens can be smaller in size and allow higher resolutions. 

These LEDs can be installed in three colors (RGB: red, green, blue). When using LEDs of smaller size, these occupy less space and we can achieve separations between very small pixels. In this way, we can enjoy better resolutions than outdoor screens.

PIXEL DIP (Duel Line In Package). DIP LEDs are the most traditional diodes . They contain two connection pins on the PCB board (printed circuit boards).

For their reliability and longer duration are the diodes that are used in the lamps of the traffic lights.

The characteristics of this type of pixel are: 
  • It can be used for both indoor and outdoor screen models. 
  • The program software comes with the screen (x-show, Ledart etc.). 
  • Models in 1 and 2 faces. 
  • Programming with PC computer that supports many models of fonts and Unicode drawings. 
  • The screen has internal memory, the data is loaded with USB. 
  • Type of USB connection / internet / Wifi cable to send remote programming signal / RJ45 connection (depending on the model). 
  • High Definition. 
  • Low heat emission 
  • Energy saving. 
  • Easy installation. 
  • The screen can have audio output, temperature module, HDMI Connection Clock module, and also brightness control module. 
  • Fixed frame repairable by front and rear (depending on model). 
  • Return of investment for advertising guidelines 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Thanks to all its features, the use options are endless: exhibitions, shopping centers, personal signs, advertising agencies, taxis and cars, building facades, shows, shopping centers, outdoor advertising, commercial signs, events, discotheques, shop windows …

If you want to differentiate yourself from your competition, increase the visibility of your products or increase your income, buying LED screens along with a good strategy is a safe bet.


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