Shyness in Children: Ways to Overcome it

Shyness is a common problem seen among kids of all age groups. At each stage, either the shyness increases or it may reduce as they grow up. But it’s all the parents who need to help them out to overcome the situation. In severe cases, parents should take professional help to deal with your kid’s situation. Let’s read through the article, and find out what causes shyness in children and the ways to overcome the situation.

Possible causes of shyness in children:

Here, we have listed out a few causes of shyness in children. Just read through the article to know what the possible causes of occurring shyness in children are:

1) Personality: Children who have strong emotional sensitivity may grow up with more shyness and may continue even in the rest of their growing stage.

2) Genetics: Yes! Some genetic makeup can cause shyness in children.

3) Learned behavior: Sometimes the shyness in children can be inherited from the parents. Children learn the behavior from their parents and as a role model. They too put their character in the path of their growing stage.

4) Harsh criticism: If the parents, siblings, friends or family members tease the kids, they develop shyness which they take forward in the growing stage of their life.

5) Fear of failure: of course! If children face too many failures in their development stage, they tend to show shyness during their childhood stage.

6) Lack of family relationship: lack of family bonding can develop shyness in kids. Also, if parents are overprotective towards their children, then kids may develop shyness character especially more about the new situation.

7) Lack of social interaction: if children are not socially well bonded with their family members or friend and if the kids get a chance to meet an unfamiliar person then they cannot have any easy interaction with them.

What are the ways to overcome the situation?

Here, we have listed out a few ways which you can follow to overcome shyness in children. Just go through the points listed over here and learn more about it.

• Don’t ever label your child with the tag of shyness
• Don’t let friends, family members, relatives or others to name your kids with shyness tag. It makes them lose their self-confidence.
• Parents should lend a hand and be a pillar to their children instead of criticism or mocking.
• Explain your kids about the ways you overcome from your shyness when you were in childhood. This can make their minds strong and helps them to deal with the shyness situation in a strong way.

Tips to support your kids with shyness:

It’s difficult for the kid to come out of the shyness situation. But, follow a few tips listed below and support your child in this difficult situation:

• Make your child feel comfortable. Be a part of all your kids’ activity and encourage yourself to push shyness off from your kid.
• Lend your shoulders and be a part of your child’s social situation, playgroup or while exploring new things.
• Avoid showing extra attention to your kid.
• Even if others say your kid is shy, just, correct it in front of your kid. It makes the kid stay and feel in the comfort zone and makes them happy.
• Encourage your kid to be a part of extracurricular activities to build self-confidence.
• Forgive your child if he or she does anything wrong
• Give compliments
• Apologize for your kid’s mistake.

When to meet the doctor:

If your kid shows severe distress, like
• Unable to go to places due to shyness
• Develops anxiety in public places
• Feels lonely
• Unable to answer or ask questions while in the class, and if you feel he or she is hard to change the behavior, the, take the help of the physician, psychologist or pediatrician. Your doctor will do a thorough examination and may prescribe medicines based on the symptoms developed. Order the medicines online from the trustedonline medicine store in India.

Shyness is a very common concern among the kids during their development stage. Many kids walk through the hospital corridors to treat shyness as it can impair their daily activities.

Never leave your kid alone. Just lend a hand to your kid in their growing stage and correct the disorder if pops up. Shyness is a temporary issue that can be treated with the right interventions. So, treatment at the right time can help to enjoy his childhood days without shyness. Get advice from your pediatric doctor and buy medicines from any online medicine discount site at your convenience.


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