How to shoot With A Red Dot Sight

So, you have read those red dot sight reviews? Now you want to buy one.

Slow down for a moment before you purchase the red dot sight and take your time to learn how to shoot with a red dot sight.

Step 1: Mount your red dot sight to the firearm

The very first step towards using your red dot sight is the installation. People also call it “mounting”. Whatever you call it, the mounting or installing process is rather easy. First of all, you’ll need some specific tools for mounting it to your gun. Some of the red dot sights come with the tools. But if any of them doesn’t come with the red dot sight, you can buy them from your nearest hardware store.

First, you will need an Allen wrench. Then a mounting plate is a must. Chances are you will have the mounting plate with the red dot sight.

Also, to ensure the proper fit, you need to use Blue Loctite. Then, if you want to mount the red dot sight, the best place to mount it is the top of the rifle’s receiver end. But if you are mounting your red dot sight to your handgun, the process is slightly difficult. This is because the handgun has comparatively less space than a rifle.

Now, about mounting the reflex sight to a handgun, it is slightly difficult than mounting on a rifle. This is because a handgun has comparatively less space for the red dot sight to be mounted compared to the rifles.

Now, when you want to mount the red dot sight to your handgun, you’ll need a mounting plate. This mounting plate will replace the rear iron sight. Make sure the red dot sight fits the handgun tightly. You can tighten it with Blue Loctite. But don’t use the red ones. Red ones offer permanent fix while the blue one allows you to adjust later if you need.

Step 2: Set the target

Then you need to zero in for targeting. The ideal distance should be 25 yds without any magnification. Remember this limit because red dot sights are not made for long-distance shooting.

This 25-yard distance is perfect for zeroing in. But with magnification, you can alter the outcomes.

Step 3: Co-witness your gun sight

With the iron sight, you can co-witness your gun.

Look through the red dot sight and line up the reticle and iron post. If it doesn’t sit on your iron post, you can adjust the dot vertically and horizontally until it fits on the iron post properly.

Step 4: Aim properly

Now you need to bring the target to the reticle dot. You can adjust your gun’s position horizontally and vertically to ensure your target is within the radar.

Step 5: Pull the gun trigger steadily

Lastly, pull the trigger while keeping the reticle dot on the target.

Bottom Line

Now that you know how to shoot with a red dot sight, you can now read the red dot sight reviews and pick the perfect red dot sight for your firearm.

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