How to Set up Your iPad Step by Step

So you just got your first Apple device and you are wondering how to set up your iPad? No sweat. You’re going to want to customize a few settings before you use your new tablet. These settings can keep your data from running out, your battery from draining and protect your privacy.

Here are some settings you can change to set up your iPad from scratch:

Set Your Notifications 

You can customize how often you would like to see notifications. Like if you use the Mp3 juice app then you would want that you pin the notifications or just stop them. So, customize accordingly. You’ll probably want emails and text messages to show all the time, but you can choose to always show notifications, never show them, or only show them when the device is unlocked. 

Look through your Notifications and disable the ones you know you will never need to see. This will prevent pointless updates. It will also save you some battery because the apps you choose to silence won’t be pinging the internet constantly to tell you what has changed.

Adjust the Control Center 

If you’d like to, you can add extra things to control on your Control Center page, and you can decide how they appear. You can add apps you need to quickly access for productivity.

Set-Up Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb will keep your iPad silent during FaceTime calls or other situations. You can set Do Not Disturb up to alert you if someone calls more than once within three minutes. You can also handpick who gets to alert you by creating groups in your Contacts app.

General Settings 

Head to General settings to configure things like AirDrop, the rate of background app refreshing, and other functions of your iPad that you will encounter on a daily basis. For example, you can set up AirDrop so that only your contacts can send requests.

Set Up Restrict Background Apps 

This change will allow you to save battery life. To adjust this setting, head to General, then tap the Background App Refresh. Although this is a great feature for services you need to be updated on frequently like email apps, other apps pull data in as well and that will drain your battery. If you don’t need particular apps to keep updating, toggle them off.

Adjust the Brightness 

Turn on Night Shift to decrease the strain on your eyes when you use your device at night. Go to Display & Brightness, choose Night Shift, then turn on Scheduled, and choose the “From/To” box. You can set the time by your sunrise and sunset time based on location as well.

Set up Siri 

Enable “Hey Siri” on your iPad by turning on “Listen for Hey Siri” and configuring it with your voice.

Set Up a Passcode 

You can add up to five fingerprints and name them so you can keep track of which finger is which. You can also set up an alphanumeric passcode. If you are concerned about security, you can turn on Erase Data, which will wipe all data from your iPad after 10 failed password attempts.

Guard Your Privacy 

You can disable location services for apps that don’t need it, but you can also turn off location data from system services. If you mostly keep your iPad at home or only use it on wi-fi, turn off the Cell Network Search and Compass Calibration settings. You should also decline the list of Product Improvement options. Choose Limit Ad Tracking to restrict the number or personalized ads you see.

Set Up iTunes

You can set up your iPad to download apps, music, and books installed on your other devices by turning on automatic downloads for each.

Set up Passwords and Accounts 

Apple makes great devices, but Apple mail is not so great. You can use accounts to insert your email service, calendar service or notetaking app. Sign in with Gmail, Outlook, or more, and you can set to default to them when you send emails, put an event in your calendar or add an item to your reminders.

Enable Apple Pay Cash 

If you’d like to send money to friends in your messenger app, turn on Apple Pay Cash, enter your Apple ID password, and follow the prompts. 

Now that you’ve set up your iPad, go forth and enjoy it. Have fun reading eBooks, making sketches, and browsing the internet. We hope this article has helped anyone new to Apple who is setting up their iPad for the first time.

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