Will Sensor Technologies Help in Chronic Disease Management?

The Coronavirus global pandemic showed the world how dangerous viruses can be. The pandemic also brought to light the unpreparedness of the countries to battle the virus. COVID-19 was an eye-opener to countries all over the world to start planning and preparing for health care.

 On the other hand, the pandemic pressured the government and doctors to pay attention to COVID cases. This resulted in considering certain surgeries as non-essential. The already short-staffed public health system had more work to do. Globally, the pandemic has broken down barriers between nations, making each one realize interdependence. Politically and scientifically they have come together to share research and other findings on creating vaccines.

In the end, chronic patients were suffering the most. This is because doctors were unable to pay attention to chronic disease patients. So, does that mean that pandemic can cause death or suffering of chronic patients? Is there not any other way to set this right?

A simple answer to this question is AI Artificial intelligence.

How can AI help chronic disease patients?

As- mentioned above the advancement of technology is the reason for innovations. One such innovation that is dominating all fields is Artificial intelligence. Nothing can indeed replace a doctor’s judgment or care. But the storage of medical help in pandemic has shown the need for other options.

AI machines with a data-technology in health care are necessary to cover the shortage of medicinal professionals. This technology has the tools to provide advanced health care to patients at right time. In a way, it can be true that AI senor technologies can help chronic disease management.

A note of chronic diseases and their effects

Today the number of patients suffering from chronic diseases is increasing fast. Non-communicative diseases like diabetes, cancer, respiratory diseases. These patients need frequent care and guidance from their doctors. The absence of doctors during a pandemic can lead to other issues by these patients.

Moreover, chronic illness patients are highly sensitive and are easy targets for viruses. In such a situation it becomes difficult to contain the outbreak. So, looking for alternate methods to manage these patients’s illness is the right step taken by healthcare.

 These days more people are dying of non-communicable chronic illness. The number of death by such patients is more than a terminal illness. Hence, doctors are looking for alternate methods to provide treatment to them.

The best medicine for such patients is lifestyle changes and management of the diseases. But the healthcare professionals cannot monitor their patients around the look. In absence of guidance, the patients may lose control over their illness and result in death.

The best way to monitor and help patients manage chronic illnesses is AI. Artificial intelligence designing is to provide timely guidance to chronically ill patients. It can help a person suffering from these diseases to manage them better. Patients are much more responsive to personal care like sensor technology of AI.

Does adopting of AI sensor technologies mean no more doctors?

Science and technology is the need of the hour. It helps people live a better and productive life. But at the same time, we need people to communicate and develop a relationship.

In the same way presence of sensor technology doesn’t mean we don’t need doctors. The design of technology helps chronic patients to manage the illness. We need doctors to diagnose, prescribe medicines, and help us understand the illness.

The machine learning of AI helps predict the risk of patients to heart problems etc. Studies have shown that the algorithm of machine prediction is 80 percent accurate.

Bottom Line

This article provides Nexmobility as an iPhone app development company in India. Here, we discussed the chronic illness issue. Doctors alone cannot help patients manage it. The pressure and changing world make it hard it makes it a priority. So, AI machines like sensor technologies can come in handy in the management of illness.


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