Scale Your Content Marketing – A How-To Guide

When it comes to creating awareness for your brand, content marketing is the key. But you already know that. You might already have a plan in action. You are probably in the process of pushing out a variety of content pieces a month to get your brand established as an authority in your niche. (Image credit: Diggity Marketing)

You want your brand to be the go-to name when they have a product or service query related to yours. And you know that pushing out valuable and free content is the best tool to get to that stage. But is there more to content marketing than these steps? Absolutely, yes.

Guide to help you scale your content marketing strategy and boost your lead generation:

1. Have Your Content Marketing Strategy pointing in the correct direction

Most companies miss out on this very basic step. Content marketing is not simply creating content but it is creating the right kind of content.

All pieces of content, whether it is blogs or videos, that you put out should be in accordance with your brand goals and business needs. Look for gaps in your industry and build your niche into those crevices.

You should always have clarity on your target audience and your brand voice. Your content should be building a world around the products or services that you offer.  After all, you want your audience to recognize you by more than just your logo.

2. Be Consistent with your content marketing strategy

If there is one thing you should always take care of when diving into content marketing, it is consistency. For example, you cannot spam your audience on social media with content in one week and then vanish in the next.

Your audience needs to remember you. So, be consistent with your postings.

Do not overwhelm your audience with a lot of information at once, spread it out evenly between intervals so they keep getting reminded of you.

Your content needs to become an integral part of their daily routine so that they miss you if you don’t show up (which should never happen). You can now even automate your content to be published at a scheduled time.

3. Create a System of strategies

To carry out the above task, you need a glitch-free system. You might have heard of marketing experts talking about the importance of the content calendar.

A content calendar is one such system. Building content before-hand is always the wiser option. For example, you can create all your content for a month around a single theme.

It keeps a check on your content so that it stays in-line with your brand goals and also gives your audience a sense of wholesomeness. 

If you are the only one who is creating and publishing content for the internet, a simple spreadsheet might work for you.

But if you want your content marketing team to work smoothly, multiple content software offers you the ease of juggling between different projects while keeping everyone in the loop.

4. Grow The Team of your marketing

You might think that content marketing is a one or two-person job but it is far from it. Content varies from social media posts to videos, from blogs to e-books, illustrations, infographics and so much more.

Hire specialists for the different segments of content creation and your production of top-quality content will multiply immediately.

If you do not have space for an in-house team, you can outsource your requirements to freelancers or a content marketing agency for particular projects. It might even make more sense to you financially.

5. Keep a Check on the Numbers

The ultimate goal of content marketing or any kind of marketing is to generate leads that convert into successful sales. There are now several software that tells you whether your content is successful in boosting your visibility or if it needs more thought.

So, keep checking your numbers and analytics, focus on what’s working for you and keep tweaking it at intervals to suit the demand of the market, and leverage it to its exhaustive potential.

Content marketing can be a game-changer for your brand in the long run if you invest time and effort consistently and wisely.

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