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We generally spend huge amount directly or indirectly to inefficient transport. Travelling, whether across the planet, or across the neighborhood, takes energy: from the gas that goes into our cars, to the food we eat that powers our own walking or bike pedaling. In either case, or any other, you don’t want to waste fuel by taking an inefficient route. And, if you’re a good greenie, you want to choose the traveling option that has the lightest impact on the planet and atmosphere. New trip planning app TripGo gives you all of that information, in addition the regular map and directions you expect from other apps.
I think there should be scientific way of reducing the cost by accurate travel route with minimum complications. TripGo is useful in navigating and planning; it also contributes in reducing the carbon foot print as unwanted routes are eliminated with accurate and efficient maps and information. TripGo serves trips according to users’ personal transport priorities: save money, save time, environment, and convenience. TripGo is a multi & inter-modal journey planner that provides door-to-door trip routes, times & costs for all transport modes and combinations. It’s a very real, available technology solution in line with the findings in last month’s report, A Global High Shift Scenario, published by the University of California, Davis, and the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP).
TripGo brings all your different transport modes into one place and provide you with a comparison. TripGo’s main differentiating factor is that it shows you the different transport options in one place and gives you a means to compare them. You can see whether it will take longer to catch the bus or walk; whether a taxi will cost more than driving. You can also set your own priorities for comparison purposes; you can choose to prioritize cost over convenience for example.  TripGo’s presentation is a real strength, being both clear and pretty. The better functionality in relation to public transports along with quickly & accurately shows routes and times are awesome. For straight public transport TripGo is a nicely presented alternative to Transport Info, Trip View or Google; it is not, however, a stunning improvement. The some important features of TripGo apps are described below.
Real-time public transport information.
Door-to-door options for easy comparison on price, time and environmental impact – including public transport, taxi and bike share.
Trip planners according to your transport preferences
Get reminders for your upcoming planned trips
Public transport pricing
Tolls and car park information
Taxi fares
Search for points of interest and businesses.
Save trips to calendar
Open from Apple Maps
Launch turn by turn navigation
Universal for iPhone and iPad
The unique feature of TripGo is support to various modes of transport such as public transports – buses, ferries, subways, trains, and trams – taxi, car, motorbike, bicycle, walking.
“More than $100 trillion in cumulative public and private spending, and 1,700 megatons of annual carbon dioxide (CO2)—a 40 percent reduction of urban passenger transport emissions—could be eliminated by 2050 if the world expands public transportation, walking and cycling in cities,” A Global High Shift Scenario states. Using apps like TripGo, we contribute by reducing the carbon emissions in atmosphere with efficient and relevant use of transport modes.


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