4 Proven Safety Tips When Using A Nail Gun

A nail gun is a great gadget. It is easy to use, and you can easily fix different things with this DIY tool. But it is due to this gadget that most of the injuries take place. Major injury from a nails gun can also lead to death. The injuries are popular at construction sites. Most of the injuries take place during the roofing, sheathing, and framing work at the site. 

The injuries are common on hands and fingers that involve damage to the tendons and bones etc. other injuries may include legs, toes, foot, thigh, and knee.

Severe injury can lead to paralysis, bone breakage, blindness, etc. So, you need to procure all safety measurements and you must read the manual of the nail gun before use. 

Top Four Safety Tips for Using a Nail Gun:

#1. Choosing the Right Trigger

When you choose the right trigger, it will lessen the danger of accidental firing. The sequential trigger is the safety of all the other triggers. It will trigger a nail only when it is activated in a sequential system. This is why it decreases the chances of accidental firing. The sequential trigger is best for amateurs in this field. If you keep more than one trigger, then you must use proper coding. 

#2. Protective Gears are Important

If you want to protect yourself from any professional hazard, then it is better that you wear proper protective clothing and equipment. Hard hats, eye and ear protection are a must. You must also wear proper shoes to protect your feet from nail gun injuries. 

#3. Uses of Nail Guns

Nail guns are normally run by the flammable gasses, electromagnetism and compressed air. You can use these nail guns on wooden surface and metals. You need to learn the operation of different types of nail guns, and then you can operate them. choose a different sizes nail guns for your home improvement work

#4. Take Proper Training

Knowledge is an important tool for any profession. A proper training is the best way to minimize your injuries and work safely. Training helps to educate the new workers and create awareness among the professional about the improper usage of the device. 

Following the Do’s and Don’ts Strictly

Before you start any work, it is imperative to understand the do’s and don’ts and follow them to the end. They are:


  • Nail gun manual must be present at all times.
  • Manufacturer’s labels and instructions must be read and followed.
  • Examine the tool and power before you begin to work with it. You must ensure that they are in good working order.
  • Faulty tools must be taken away from the work or construction site immediately.
  • The people around the construction site must ensure that they are not in the line of nail fire.
  • You must always use a hammer when you are working with irregular metals or objects.
  • Always shoot far away from your and other workers body.
  • Clear away any jammed nails.


  • Never tamper with the safety features of the gadget.
  • You must always keep the fingers off the trigger when holding the gun.
  • Never drag your nail gun or lower it from a higher ground.
  • Never keep your tool on the other hand. 

  Nail guns are a major cause of injuries and death all around the world in the construction industry. You must get trained and be very cautious while working with them. 

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