Safe Blogging – Get your Pictures Wisely!

When you start blogging, it’s all about curating unique content for your readers! This is the one place where content is the king! Readers visit your blog portal, and read you only if you are giving them something interesting and captivating to hook to! The traditional boring, copied stuff is portrayed all over the internet, and they can get those even on their WhatsApp forwards! But what is that thing which makes your blog so exceptional and worth visiting?

If you misunderstood blogging to be only limited to good writing, then you still need to know a lot more about it! Do you know 50% of your blog visitors return from your home page because of unattractive presentation? And what adds to an excellent presentation? It’s the Photographs! If your blog lacks the photogenic aspect to it, do you think people will still come to read your stuff? May be yes! But only a few. Maximum will take a reverse turn because they aren’t getting something pictorial to relate to whatever they are reading! Pictures are so much essential for a successful blog!

From where to Get the Right and Best Pictures for blogging!

Ok, so we talked about the content plus pictures being the king now! But that doesn’t mean you can download any pictures you like from Google and upload it on your blog to impress your readers! Those pictures actually belong to a certain domain and may be having privacy rights. (There’s always a warning popping on google when you download the pictures about the copyright issue!) If you use the photograph directly into your blog without any permission or credit, you can be sued in this case.

So what? Does your blog continue to stay boring and plain without pictures? Actually no, we have some solutions below through which you can adorn your write-ups with as many pictures as you want, and also stay away from any trouble. Read about them below:

1. Hire a Photographer

Now don’t repulse just reading this idea! It won’t tax you much! If you hire the best photographer in Wolverhampton from Andy Gore Photography, you’ll have some awesome photographs clicked by them for your blog with their unmatched expertise. This would create magic in your blogs. People will love relating the articles with the photograph and would understand your point of view better.

And if you share the same picture on social media channels like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. along with the blog link, this superbly clicked photo will certainly bring a lot of traffic to your blog. Therefore, whatever you have paid to hire a photographer gets easily covered through the profits you get because of the blog traffic.

2. Search for Pixabay Images

Not all pictures on google are secured by copyright. There are pictures from a website named pixabay. Pixabay allows you to get free photographs, which have no strings attached. You can use these pictures for your blogs and create a more impressive impact with your ideas. The only drawback here would be that the same picture may have been used by thousands of other bloggers and it wouldn’t be something fresh and exciting for the readers.

3. Use your Archived Gallery

Ok you may be having a smartphone since years now! And we all love to click pictures on the go of every second thing we see. So much are we addicted to this action that we aren’t even aware of the pictures in our archive cloud storage. You can make use of all of these pictures in your blog. You can easily pick from your collection and use it according to the theme of your blog. We are sure — out of those thousands of pictures, at least a hundred would help you out with good images for your blog.  

4. Get Some Help from Friends

Today, when all of us are addicted to clicking photographs, even your friends would be doing so! If you need a certain photograph for your blog and you couldn’t find it anywhere without the copyright, you can send across a message in your buddies’ WhatsApp group. There’ll be some angel hearted friend of yours ready to help with you it and share their collection with you. Of course, you can give them the credit of the picture as a token of thanks from your side.

Good blogging can even become a source of income to you apart from bringing you fame through your readers and visitors. Don’t let your beautiful journey get disturbed because of your careless action of copying monotonous pictures from anywhere — personalise your collection and then portray it in front of the world to create a wonderful impression.

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