Reviewing Kesari The Movie that is Currently Ruling the Theatres

Kesari is the fictionalized account of the Battle of Saragarhi, in which 21 soldiers from the 36th Sikh Regiment was responsible for standing up against more than 10000 African tribal in the year 1897 and did not allow them to capture the Saragarhi Fort until the evening. 
The Afghans had the plan of capturing the forts that were nearby, which were the Fort Gulistan and Fort Lockhart. The sacrifice of the 21 brave hearted Sikh soldiers was responsible for delaying their plans and they were not able to capture these two forts. 

The film

The film is responsible for having a single line plot. It has been directed by Anurag Singh and he was constantly facing the stressful task of lining the movie with the necessary elements for engaging the viewers for almost three hours. Instead of choosing to fill each and every frame with mindless action, he was responsible for providing an emotional turning to the entire film. 
Hence, the values of humanity preached by Guru Granth Sahib were juxtaposed by the precepts of valor, bravery, as well as dying for a single cause, which is considered to be the founding principle of this religion. 
Akshay Kumar, who plays the role of Havildar Ishar Singh, is responsible for helping Afghan women from becoming beheaded. He was also responsible enough to repair a mosque that was present in the nearby village. This is one of the bravest plots and statements that are much needed, especially in the context of the rights of Babri Masjid. 
Ishar was also responsible for ordering his cook to give water to the enemy, making other people believe that even the enemies need to be treated in a humane manner. This is one of the best Bollywood movie reviews, especially because of the plot of the film. 

No jingoistic elements

There are no jingoistic elements in the entire film. Rather, it has been shown that the 21 soldiers are away from the people they love, fighting enemies, whom they have not chosen. They have been referred to as the freedom fighters that were willing to give up their life because of the fact that they were proud of being Sikh warriors. 
The desolation of each and every soldier is depicted through the role of Akshay Kumar, who constantly gets hallucinations about Parineeti Chopra, who plays the role of his wife in the movie. Caste division has been mentioned as well, but it is not presented in a manner, which is going to make it stick out. 

Not a humanitarian drama

This is not only a humanitarian drama, but it is also an important action film. It has portrayed how the soldiers died valiantly and the sacrifice that they made. Also, each sacrifice started to become more gruesome as the battle progressed.


The manners of Akshay Kumar in the film Kesari depicted the manners that a professional soldier should have. The sincerity that he has was responsible for oozing through the different scenes in Kesari. 
When you watch this movie, you will have the feeling as if you are watching a united team of brothers. This movie is responsible for highlighting one of the valiant battles fought. 


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