Questions we need to ask self about Renewable Energy

Renewable energy has now a day become a catchy word that everybody wants to adopt. Of course, fossil fuel is depleting rapidly as we keep on consuming more than the current rate of exploration. The challenge we face today is our commitment towards sustained energy sources that will last forever.   

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I think we are more dependent on others to follow and adapt to renewable energy sources. Most of the governments around the world are harping rigorously on renewable energy and spreading awareness to its citizen to use these sustainable energy sources. Perhaps, the United Nations has also played a positive role on this matter. A self-awareness and commitment by each of us is need of the hour to get the permanent energy solution. Some important questions that need to be asked self,

When did I use a bicycle for a shorter distant of travel?

Did I use the renewable energy for my house-hold energy requirement in past?

Have I explored or invented an Innovative method or product to reduce reliance on fossil fuel energy?   When did I teach my children about the importance of renewable energy?  

Did I ever try for reducing the monthly energy bill in past?   Which energy awareness campaign did I participate in to enhance my knowledge?   Questions are countless….!  

As said ‘Charity starts with self’ and the same way, renewable energy awareness and implementation should be started by each of us. Unless somebody forces us for adopting renewable energy sources in our day-to-day life. No government can achieve the sustained and effective implementation of renewable energy policies without support from us. If we don’t set an example for our children then how can we expect that our children will follow the renewable energy source in the future?   

Ask a few homeowners about renewable energy and they’ll probably talk about solar panels and rooftop wind turbines. They might even use the term “off-grid.” In reality, there are many more possibilities, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with a brief overview of renewable energy on a residential scale. Homeowners typically install renewable energy for one of three reasons: to decrease their energy costs, to reduce their carbon footprint, or to become self-sufficient.  

That means a renewable energy system won’t pay for itself right away – it could take anywhere from five to twenty-five years to recoup the cost, depending on where you live. Of course, reducing your carbon footprint and being self-sufficient are noble causes by themselves, so even if it’s not the best financial decision you may decide to do it simply because it’s good Karma. In effect, you’re casting your “economic vote,” which carries more weight than you might think!  

Once you’ve made sure that you’re using energy efficiently, you can then start thinking about ways to generate the energy that you need. There’s no single answer to which technology is best; they all depend on your local conditions.   Let’s explore, invent and use renewable energy sources!


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