QBen Wave – A Smart Bench for New Age

You’re strolling around town and your mobile device is running low on battery? You are lost in a new city and could use a direction? Free charging and an internet hotspot would solve everything, right? 
Whether you’re relaxing in the park, waiting your turn on the basketball court, or on your way to your next destination, you can now sit down at the new solar-powered smart bench ‘QBen Wave’ and charge your phone or tablet. 
The days of simply using a bench to sit down for a quick minute are gone, at least for this smart bench ‘QBen Wave’ developed by Croatia-based Marko Varga. 

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This solar-powered smart bench offers you a place to recharge your gadgets along with many incredible features. The smart bench has been redefined for beauty, durability, and performance. 
When your battery gets low, you can simply sit down and rest for a bit while it charges for free and you check out the news on your phone. 
To fully understand what a QBen Wave smart bench is, it is necessary to look under its hood. Although the design itself is sufficient to set it apart, its truly unique qualities are hidden in the technology inside of it. 
With 4 USB chargers and 2 WiFi chargers, Wave is the best choice for people and a perfect blend of elegance and efficiency. 
QBen Wave offers internet access in a 3G/4G network, as well as USB and wireless charging of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices. 
It’s a perfect solution for both urban and rural areas, especially public locations where charging is not easily accessible (beaches, national parks, etc).
QBen Wave is a successor of QBen Silver, their first smart bench. Both are smart, but let’s say Wave is a bit smarter.
It’s environment friendly as it uses solar energy which is being stored in batteries to enable proper functioning even during cloudy weather (up to 10 days). 
Since it can also be used during the night, QBen comes with a built-in LED light, which turns on according to the sunset time on its location, with a help of GPS.
To ensure optimal functioning, QBen contains sensors (rain, temperature, air quality, and air humidity) and a cooling system which allow it to adapt to various weather conditions. 


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