How to Prepare Your Phone for Recycling

How to Prepare Your Phone for Recycling

Recycling old phones is an excellent way to manage devices that you no longer use. They can be stripped for parts that will be used to make new phones, they can be refurbished and sold to others or they can be donated to those who are needy.   

If you plan to recycle your current phone there are certain steps you can take to make sure that when the time comes it fetches you a reasonable amount. The first is to take care of it while you have it. You should be careful not to drop it, keep all the software updated and generally make sure that it looks good.  

When the time comes to send it to the recycling company make sure that you get rid of all your personal data – upload it to a cloud and then format the cell phone.   

Double check to make sure that everything is gone. After internal cleanup, it’s time for external cleanup. Make sure that you clean it, as well as its accessories as well as possible – if it looks good you will be able to get a good price for it.   

After that, you can package it and send it off to a reputable mobile phone recycling company.   


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