PowerGrow Builds Off-Grid Solar Powered Greenhouses To Conserve Natural Resources and Feed The World!

Our environment, and subsequently our ecology have become an area of concern for us over the last few decades. This has increasingly led us to contemplate, innovate and employ alternate methods or smaller initiatives to save our ecology.

The first and the most important practice are the use of environment-friendly agricultural technologies and alternate sources of energy such as solar, hydropower or wind farms which are ecology friendly. 

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Eco-friendly farming plays a key role in ensuring food security, in improving human health and in rehabilitating and conserving the environment to safeguard the well-being of the posterity.

Currently, there are 795 MILLION people in a constant state of malnutrition around the world. This is often caused by limited water availability, poor growing conditions, and non-cost effective power. 

Images Credit: PowerGrow

Around 45% of fruits and vegetables are lost or wasted. PowerGrow introduces off-grid solar commercial greenhouses that can reduce the waste to 10% by providing a controlled growing and processing environment.

PowerGrow’s off-grid greenhouses can help in solving world hunger, increase renewable energy generation, conserve natural resources (especially water), preserve habitats and improve health.

The greenhouse technology can grow up to 800% more produce per acre while using 1/10th of the water! It’s going to be an amazing technology for future farming!

The greenhouses are made up of glass which uses 100% renewable energy source, integrated solar and thermal energy storage. 

It’s a patented process to integrate solar single-axis tracking systems and integrated battery storage that give growers a sustainable growing environment and the ability to provide locally grown, organic produce anywhere in the world.

On average, PowerGrow greenhouses will generate enough clean energy to eliminate over 15,000 barrels of oil being burned or save 46 acres of forest from deforestation. 

Each standard 15-acre PowerGrow greenhouse saves over 13,000,000 gallons of water every year. That is enough water saved for over 1,400 people annually.

PowerGrow has partnered with Philips Lighting for the LED grow lights that allow 24/7 grow operations in the greenhouses.

You can support this project by contributing at Indiegogo which is currently live for a goal of $500,000 and still a month to go. 

As per PowerGrow, $400,000 fund will be utilized for completing the first three commercial projects in Utah, Hawaii, and Arizona and balance $100,000 to spend on general operating expenses & submitting additional patents for their thermal energy storage applications in the greenhouses. (Source: PowerGrow)


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