Want To Help End Poverty? Support Green Energy – Liquid Solar Engine (LSE) Power Plant

“If you care about the poorest, you care about agriculture,” said Bill Gates. “Investments in agriculture are the best weapons against hunger and poverty, and they have made life better for billions of people. The international agriculture community needs to be more innovative, coordinated and focused to help poor farmers grow more. If we can do that, we can dramatically reduce suffering and build self-sufficiency.”  

In many developing countries, food production relies primarily on rain-fed agriculture, resulting in lack of food security. Small-scale irrigation can bring substantial gains, but is often too costly.   


The Hammermill  in Maforay N’Jala Village, Northern Province of Sierra Leone grinding cassava Images credit: Harvest Chapel Mission  

Lack of transport, storage facilities, and economic clout mean crops must sell immediately after harvest at low prices. Therefore they must buy food right before harvest, at high prices. This results in seasonal hunger. Nearly 80% of people live in rural areas and their options to improve livelihoods are largely dependent on agriculture.   

A 20 fold increase using diesel power can pay for the fuel cost, pay for the equipment and repairs, return a fair profit, and free up labor to perform more value added/higher paying jobs that the equipment helps create.  

Harvest Chapel Mission Inc. (HCM) is a 501C-3 non-profit started in 2004, to help develop small farm equipment for farmers in the U.S. and abroad.   Their mission is to bring glory to God and assistance to those in need, with sustaining technology.  

The crowd funding campaign of green energy product called ‘Liquid Solar Engine (LSE) Power Plant’ is currently live at Indiegogo for a goal of $ 35,000 and still a month to go.  

The video shows the LSE prototype undergoing initial testing   

Some of the features of LSE described below:

  • 30 percent better fuel economy than a similar size gasoline engine
  • Runs on carbon neutral fuel when available – Virgin Oil -200 gallons per acre Palm Oil, WVO – Filtered waste vegetable oil.
  • The Power Cart with 10 hp (7.5 KW) LSE is air transportable as checked baggage (6 extra bags)
  • The 7.5 Kw per hour LSE power plant is lower cost than a 5 Kw per day solar panel system.
  • It will run on a carbon neutral fuel, and supply enough power to operate most small farm equipment, a shop, or other homestead needs.

The fund require to develop and certify the LSE power plant and any additional money received from the campaign will be used to send LSE powered farm equipment with missionaries working overseas.   

The 10 hp air cooled diesel engines that have been using in their equipment presently do not meet EPA emission standards.   

The goal is to certify these engines to the latest emission standards for, off road, stationary use, compression ignition, engines, and offer for sale to homesteader’s in the U.S. and to missionaries working overseas.  

A diesel powered hammer-mill and other equipment currently operating at missions in Sierra Leone, Ghana, Uganda and Haiti that has helped reduce farm labor substantially and improved the standard of living of people.  

Other innovations of HCM includes multi-purpose, diesel-electric-hydraulic farm equipment, the Empower-train and Power Cart, to help small farmers around the world help themselves out of poverty.  

HCM has also developed a low cost, modular, steel truss building system suitable for construction of earthquake/hurricane resistant agricultural buildings, housing, churches, light weight bridging, wind/water towers, and other structures needed in a community.  

If you have a mission that you think could benefit from this equipment; you can e-mail to them at: [email protected]   

Visit Indiegogo and donate generously for the project which fights poverty around the world..Thanks.. (Source: Harvest Chapel Mission)


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